RHR International Partners with SHL to Bring Data Analytics to its Leadership Assessment Solutions

The leadership consulting firm will utilize the talent evaluations and technology from SHL as part of its holistic approach to leadership assessment and development

CHICAGO, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RHR International, the global leadership consulting firm, today announced its partnership with the global leader in talent insights, SHL. Through the partnership, RHR International will utilize SHL’s highly predictive psychometric tests within its assessment solutions. The tests will be available immediately to clients around the world who engage with RHR on an assessment program. The partnership will allow RHR to provide greater flexibility for its clients in delivering the nuanced insights and analytics required for successful hiring and succession planning in complex leadership roles.

The RHR International team of behavioral scientists work directly with CEOs, senior executives, and teams to master the art and science of leadership. Its assessment solutions are designed to optimize an organization’s leadership pipeline, while minimizing bias in the process to give each participant the opportunity to bring their best. SHL’s tests provide an effective way to survey potential candidates for strengths, weaknesses, and aptitude.

“SHL is well known for its library of tools and its advanced technology in the talent assessment space,” said Dan Russell, Partner, Head of Assessment, Products, Data and Insights at RHR International. “Through this partnership, our teams will be able to leverage the necessary data obtained from SHL’s psychometric tests in our assessment and development programs, as well as provide a comprehensive view into an organization’s talent that reflect their unique role requirements and their organizational context.”

RHR’s assessment programs offer businesses the opportunity to develop their future leadership pipeline by looking at the readiness for specific C-suite roles from its next generation leaders. In succession planning, RHR’s assessments can identify hidden and marginalized talent within an organization, and provide the individual coaching and development to support the transition into the role of Chief Executive Officer. The firm’s process overall works to support long-term sustainability and growth for its clients’ industries.

“SHL continues to find better ways to measure the characteristics in people that provide insight into someone’s likelihood for success at a given role or level. Our team is committed to keeping sound science and psychometric rigor at the heart of everything we do while continuing to develop world-class technology and tools,” said Jason Burgamy, Managing Director, Americas. “Our psychometric catalogue includes personality assessments, skills & knowledge tests, cognitive ability, 360’s, as well as video interviews, virtual assessment centers, and coding simulations. We’re happy to partner with RHR to support their team’s work in assessing and developing executives.”

To learn more about RHR International’s Assessment solutions utilizing SHL’s psychometric tests, visit www.rhrinternational.com

About RHR International:
For nearly 80 years, RHR International has been a globally respected leadership consulting firm composed of behavioral scientists and practitioners dedicated to helping founders, board members, executives, business teams, and HR professionals master the art and science of leadership. RHR’s solutions use the combined power of psychology, business expertise, and the newest technologies to build robust leadership succession pipelines through world-class assessments and coaching/development programs. RHR believes leadership is a crucial force for good in the world, and our mission is to unlock the potential in every leader.

About SHL:
SHL, the global leader in Talent Insight, transforms businesses by leveraging the power of people, science, and technology. Our unrivaled, scientifically backed workforce data and highly validated talent solutions provide organizations with the insights needed to optimally leverage their people’s potential and maximize business outcomes. We equip recruiters and leaders with people insights at an organization, team, and individual level, accelerating growth, decision-making, and talent mobility and inspiring an inclusive culture that supports game-changing agility. For more information, visit www.shl.com


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