Global Biocatalysts Industry Research 2024-2035: In-Depth Analysis of Various Types of Biocatalysts Including Enzymes, Microorganisms, and Engineered Biocatalysts Across Diverse Verticals

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The Global Market for Biocatalysts 2024-2035 is a comprehensive market research report that provides an in-depth analysis of the rapidly evolving biocatalysts industry.

Biocatalysts are increasingly being adopted due to the important role they play in helping meet the more prominent sustainability goals of the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and fine chemical industries.

This report covers the current state and future prospects of various types of biocatalysts, including enzymes, microorganisms, and engineered biocatalysts, as well as their applications across diverse sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, paper and pulp, and biofuels.

Biocatalysts offer several advantages over traditional chemical catalysts including:

  • High reaction specificity leading to less by-products and simpler purification
  • Ability to perform challenging chemistries not feasible by conventional organic synthesis
  • Mild reaction conditions like ambient temperatures and neutral pH enabling energy savings
  • Reduced use of toxic reagents and solvents aligned with green chemistry principles
  • Improved stereoselectivity for production of single enantiomers critical for pharmaceutical activity
  • Flexible substrate scope from natural enzyme evolution
  • Biodegradability and derived from renewable resources

Report Scope

  • Executive summary: concise overview of the global biocatalysts market, including market size and growth projections, major players, competitive landscape, and future outlook. The introduction section provides a clear definition and classification of biocatalysts, along with a brief history of their evolution and the importance of biocatalysts in industrial processes.
  • Technology overview: covering various aspects of biocatalyst technology such as biotransformations, cascade biocatalysis, co-factor recycling, and immobilization. The report also delves into the different types of biocatalysts, including enzymes, microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, and archaea), engineered biocatalysts (directed evolution, rational design, semi-rational design, immobilization, and fusion proteins), and other types such as ribozymes, DNAzymes, abzymes, nanozymes, and organocatalysts. The production methods and processes for biocatalysts, such as fermentation, recombinant DNA technology, cell-free protein synthesis, extraction from natural sources, and solid-state fermentation, are also discussed in detail.
  • Emerging technologies and innovations in biocatalysis: including synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, generative biology and artificial intelligence, genome engineering, immobilization and encapsulation techniques, biomimetics, nanoparticle-based biocatalysts, biocatalytic cascades and multi-enzyme systems, and microfluidics.
  • Market analysis: provides valuable insights into the market drivers, challenges, price and cost analysis, supply chain, and opportunities. The report also covers the regulatory framework and government initiatives related to biocatalysts. A comprehensive analysis of the markets and applications for biocatalysts is presented, covering sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemicals, textiles, paper and pulp, biofuels and bioenergy, and other emerging applications like cosmetics and personal care, leather processing, mining and metal extraction, environmental remediation, and waste valorization. The report includes global revenue forecasts for biocatalysts by market and region, as well as a detailed competitive landscape analysis.
  • Competitive landscape: 60 company profiles of key players in the biocatalysts industry, providing valuable insights into their strategies, products, and technologies.

Companies Profiled

  • Aether Bio
  • Basecamp Research
  • Cascade Biocatalysts
  • Constructive Bio
  • Debut Biotechnology
  • Enginzyme AB
  • eversyn
  • FabricNano
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Novozymes A/S
  • Protein Evolution

Key Topics Covered:

1.1 Overview of the global biocatalysts market
1.2 Market size and growth projections
1.3 Major players and competitive landscape
1.4 Future outlook

2.1 Definition and classification of biocatalysts
2.2 History and evolution of biocatalysts
2.3 Importance of biocatalysts in industrial processes

3.1 Overview of biocatalyst technology
3.1.1 Biotransformations
3.1.2 Cascade biocatalysis
3.1.3 Co-factor recycling
3.1.4 Immobilization
3.2 Types of biocatalysts
3.2.1 Enzymes
3.2.2 Feedstocks
3.2.3 Protein/Enzyme Engineering
3.2.4 Microorganisms Bacteria Fungi Yeast Archaea
3.2.5 Engineered biocatalysts Directed Evolution Rational Design Semi-Rational Design Immobilization Fusion Proteins
3.2.6 Other types Ribozymes DNAzymes Abzymes Nanozymes Organocatalysts
3.3 Production methods and processes
3.3.1 Fermentation
3.3.2 Recombinant DNA technology
3.3.3 Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
3.3.4 Extraction from Natural Sources
3.3.5 Solid-State Fermentation
3.4 Emerging technologies and innovations in biocatalysis
3.4.1 Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering Batch biomanufacturing Continuous biomanufacturing Fermentation Processes Cell-free synthesis
3.4.2 Generative biology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Molecular Dynamics Simulations Quantum Mechanical Calculations Systems Biology Modeling Metabolic Engineering Modeling
3.4.3 Genome engineering
3.4.4 Immobilization and encapsulation techniques
3.4.5 Biomimetics
3.4.6 Nanoparticle-based biocatalysts
3.4.7 Biocatalytic cascades and multi-enzyme systems
3.4.8 Microfluidics

4.1 Market drivers
4.2 Market challenges
4.3 Price and cost analysis
4.4 Market supply chain
4.5 Market opportunities
4.6 Regulatory framework and government initiatives
4.7 Markets and applications
4.7.1 Food and beverage Dairy products Bakery and confectionery Brewing and winemaking Other food and beverage applications
4.7.2 Pharmaceutical and biotechnology Drug synthesis and manufacturing Vaccine production Diagnostic and therapeutic enzymes Personalized medicine and drug discovery Other pharmaceutical and biotech applications
4.7.3 Chemicals Polymers and plastics Agrochemicals and fertilizers Detergents and cleaning products Other chemical applications
4.7.4 Textiles Textile processing and finishing Denim and jeans manufacturing Other textile applications
4.7.5 Paper and pulp Pulping and bleaching Deinking and recycling Other paper and pulp applications
4.7.6 Biofuels and bioenergy Bioethanol production Biodiesel production Biogas and biomethane production Metabolic Engineering for Biofuel Synthesis
4.7.7 Other emerging applications Cosmetics and personal care Leather processing Mining and metal extraction Environmental remediation and waste treatment Waste valorization and circular economy
4.8 Global revenues
4.8.1 By market
4.8.2 By region
4.9 Competitive Landscape

5 COMPANY PROFILES (60 company profiles)

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