Tyton Partners and Ufi Ventures Provide Insight on How Organisations Can Leverage AI to Improve Productivity, Talent Engagement, Management, and Hiring

LONDON, May 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tyton Partners, a strategy consulting and investment banking firm focused on the education sector, announces the release of their quarterly in-depth analysis of the Future of Workforce Development market for Q1 of 2024 with Ufi Ventures. The research publication, Key Learnings from VocTech Market Activity Q1 2024, assesses the opportunities for investors in this market within the UK, Europe, the US, and beyond.

Following the release of their annual report, The Jobs Frontier 2024, which covers reflections, prompts, and opportunities for investors looking at the past year and the year ahead, this quarterly report provides more detail on the future of work market activity from January through March 2024, informing direction for the short-term and long-term.

As The Jobs Frontier 2024 highlighted, whilst we are living in a period of crisis, unpredictability and rapid change, with growing skills gaps and a pressing need to adapt to AI and for a green transition, there are good reasons for hope. We cover the following:

  • The curious mix of layoffs, skills shortages and fewer vacancies, and what governments and organisations are doing to address their needs in this complex environment
  • The opportunities and bottlenecks in the transition to the green economy, and some of the interventions that seem to be working
  • Further specifics about the issues faced by the education, healthcare and technology sectors
  • The early effects and implications of generative Artificial Intelligence tools on working, learning, and jobs
  • Developments in skills-based hiring and the renegotiation of work
  • Our regular roundup of investments and deals across the “Future of Work” sector in Europe and beyond

By providing actionable insights and raising key questions, the Key Learnings from VocTech Market Activity Q1 2024 report equips stakeholders with the knowledge needed to navigate the dynamic future of workforce development.

Read Key Learnings from VocTech Market Activity Q1 2024 here.

About Tyton Partners

Tyton Partners is the leading provider of strategy consulting and investment banking services to the global knowledge and information services sector. The firm has an experienced team of bankers and consultants who deliver a unique spectrum of services from mergers and acquisitions and capital markets access to strategy development that helps companies, organizations, and investors navigate the complexities of the education, media, and information markets. Tyton Partners leverages a deep foundation of transactional and advisory experience and an unparalleled level of global relationships to make its clients' aspirations a reality and to catalyze innovation in the sector. Learn more at www.tytonpartners.com.

About Ufi Ventures:

Ufi Ventures is the investment arm of Ufi VocTech Trust. Ufi supports the development and use of technology to improve skills for work and deliver better outcomes for all. By leveraging its depth of experience Ufi Ventures supports its growing portfolio through access to capital, and its wide expert pool and network. Learn more at www.ufi.co.uk/ventures.


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