CAA Worst Roads Campaign Reaffirms Growing State of Good Repair Backlog and Need for Municipal Funding

Vaughan, ON, May 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) is proud to support the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) as a technical partner for the 2024 CAA Worst Roads advocacy campaign. This campaign puts a spotlight on the state of road infrastructure in municipalities across Ontario and serves as an important reminder of the impact that infrastructure has in the daily lives of Ontarians.

"For the second consecutive year, RCCAO is proud to be the technical partner of the CAA Worst Roads advocacy campaign, which offers Ontarians a valuable platform to raise awareness about the state critical road infrastructure in their communities," said Nadia Todorova, Executive Director of RCCAO. “This year’s campaign revealed growing competition on Ontario’s deteriorating infrastructure amidst a growing state of good repair backlog. Long-term, sustainable funding is needed to build and maintain critical infrastructure.”

Nadia added, “I want to recognize the steadfast support of dedicated RCCAO members who generously offered their technical expertise to verify all nominated roads, including the Greater Toronto Sewer and Watermain Contractors Association (GTSWCA), Heavy Construction Association of Toronto (HCAT), and the Toronto and Area Road Builders Association (TARBA).”

Ensuring roads are maintained regularly is crucial for safely and efficiently enabling the movement of people and goods throughout the province. Despite the difficulty in balancing the maintenance and expansion of road infrastructure in dense urban settings, it's vital to acknowledge the necessity of this work to support the growth of our cities for future prosperity.

Ontario's economic and population growth will escalate demands on various infrastructure assets, including transit, highways, bridges, and housing. Although cities strive to uphold and repair these crucial structures, the financial strain induced by the pandemic severely hampers their efforts.

Major urban centers, such as Toronto, face significant funding shortfalls, compelling them to divert capital program funds to cover operational challenges in the absence of additional government assistance. It is imperative for both federal and provincial governments to collaborate and provide municipalities with essential funding, acknowledging the growing state of good repair backlog. 

RCCAO is happy to partner with CAA to collectively advocate for critical road infrastructure across Ontario. Public awareness and education, including to help municipal and provincial governments understand what roadway improvements are important to residents and where they need to be made, are crucial to ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for all Ontarians. 

The complete results of this year’s CAA Worst Roads Campaign can be viewed at 

RCCAO Executive Director Nadia Todorova is available for interviews.

Background on RCCAO: The Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) is a labour-management construction alliance. Since its formation in 2005, RCCAO has been a leading industry advocate for infrastructure investment. It has commissioned over 60 independent, solutions-based research reports to help inform decision makers.


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