Finhaven Expands Technology Products and Services

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Finhaven has leveraged its extensive knowledge and experience in technologies, capital markets, and regulatory compliance to build a robust capital market infrastructure on blockchain. And the company has expanded its technology products for application across other industries. Finhaven’s new products and services line-up includes Finhaven Institutional, Finhaven Suite, Finhaven Web3, and Finhaven Private Markets.

After introducing Ethereum Improvement Proposals for security tokens in early 2018, Finhaven developed a comprehensive capital market infrastructure utilizing both private and public blockchains. Blockchain technology can revolutionize capital markets with innovative custodial and settlement mechanisms, significantly reducing risks and enhancing efficiency.

Finhaven is not a crypto company. Instead, Finhaven employs blockchain's innovative aspects for real-world applications. Finhaven Web3 elements include decentralized identifiers (DID), soul-bound tokens, bridge contracts, and non-fungible token (NFT) covenant systems. In 2023, the company successfully launched its NFT covenant system that ensures safe management of ownership, authorship, and intellectual property rights. This system has been utilized by Canadian First Nations for their artworks. NFTs serve not only digital arts but act as a genuine digital registrar for asset ownership, contingent upon verified identities. Consequently, Finhaven is enhancing its DID system to support real-world applications.

Finhaven Suite, a B2B SaaS platform, offers businesses an integrated solution for maintaining a single data repository with varied business functionalities from start to finish, especially useful for compliance-heavy operations. Finhaven is currently welcoming partnerships with real estate and mortgage brokerage franchises, accelerators, angel clubs, and law firms, offering early adoption benefits.

Lastly, Finhaven Private Markets targets middle-market transactions (valuation range: from 100 million to a billion dollars) in the private equity sector. The company encourages private equity dealmakers to leverage its technological resources for successful deal execution.

Finhaven invites market intermediaries like broker-dealers, transfer agents, central securities depositories, and exchanges to explore Finhaven Institutional for blockchain integration in capital markets. For more information, please visit and

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