DCHFA Extends the Deadline of the Fourth Annual Todd A. Lee Scholarship and Expands the Range of Majors Eligible for at Least $5,000 in Awards

Washington, D.C., May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Washington, D.C. – The District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency’s (DCHFA) 2024 Todd A. Lee Scholarship has extended its application deadline to July 12, 2024, and expanded the criteria to reach a larger number of students. The scholarship is now open to 10 qualifying majors and can result in awards of at least $5,000.

“The Agency prioritizes education. We attract, educate, and develop the future leaders of tomorrow through our scholarship and internship programs. Welcoming more majors and extending the Todd A. Lee Scholarship into the Summer, where students will have more time to apply, is an intentional way to create a wide diverse-student network within the affordable housing industry,” stated Christopher E. Donald, Executive Director/CEO DCHFA.

Expanded eligibility requirements for the Todd A. Lee Scholarship are:

  • The applicant must have completed at minimum their sophomore year of college at an accredited university or be enrolled at minimum in a three-quarter or full-time undergraduate/graduate program.

  • The applicant must be matriculating in a Bachelor’s or Master’s of Science or Arts program at an accredited four-year university.

  • Must have declared a major or course of study in Real Estate Development, Real Property Management, Mortgage Finance, Business, Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Community Development, Economic Development and/or Construction-related field.

  • The Applicant must be a resident of the District of Columbia or demonstrate prior long term District residency providing an official transcript that reflects residency, school attendance and graduation from a high school in the District of Columbia.

Selected recipients will be notified during the end of summer. For complete eligibility criteria and to apply for the Todd A. Lee Scholarship,visit https://www.dchfa.org/todd-lee-scholarship/

The Todd A. Lee Scholarship portal will close on July 12.

In Honor of Todd A. Lee

Todd A. Lee was the Executive Director and CEO of DCHFA from 2016 to 2020. During his lifetime, his career focus was innovation, infrastructure/process, and financing in real estate. He came to DCHFA to create an impact in the city through the preservation and construction of affordable and workforce housing in the District of Columbia. As an extension of the Lee Legacy, DCHFA launched the scholarship in 2020 for students who aspire to have a career in the field of affordable housing. Since its inception, eight recipients (including repeat awardees) have been awarded.

The District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency is an S&P AA- rated issuer, serving Washington, D.C.’s residents for 45 years. The Agency’s mission is to advance the District of Columbia’s housing priorities; the Agency invests in affordable housing and neighborhood development, which provides pathways for D.C. residents to transform their lives. We accomplish our mission by delivering the most efficient and effective sources of capital available in the market to finance rental housing and to create homeownership opportunities. The Agency operates from a core set of values: Leadership*Excellence*Community Focus*Integrity*Collaboration*Innovation


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