Go Boldly Where No Math Has Gone Before

Astroscale UK Mathematician to Highlight the Often Overlooked Role of Mathematics in Solving the World’s Biggest Challenges in a Free Public Lecture on July 10

Philadelphia, PA, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the mathematics landscape continues to evolve, this Astroscale mathematician emphasizes how the journey of mathematical progress has led to tackling important societal challenges and will dictate the future of society.

Dr. Caoimhe Rooney, Flight Dynamics Engineer at Astroscale UK, will deliver the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) 2024 I. E. Block Community Lecture, which is open to the public and intended to encourage public appreciation of the excitement and vitality of science. Equipped with an undergraduate degree in pure mathematics from Trinity College Dublin and a DPhil in applied mathematics from the University of Oxford, Dr. Rooney began her career as a Research Scientist at NASA. Her research focused on applying mathematical modeling techniques to study exoplanets' electromagnetic spectra, aiming to understand their composition and potential for life. She then joined Astroscale, motivated by a passion for ensuring the accessibility of space for future exploration, and works on the design, development, and operation of in-orbit servicer spacecrafts to remove space debris.

“The role of mathematics in the world’s greatest discoveries and inventions is often overlooked or unappreciated by the general public,” said Dr. Rooney, who will be presenting this free and livestreamed public lecture on July 10 as part of the 2024 SIAM Annual Meeting. “Mathematics is an exciting and innovative tool that is a crucial part of our everyday lives and has been used to pioneer world-changing breakthroughs,” she added.

In her upcoming presentation entitled Go Boldly Where No Math Has Gone Before, Dr. Rooney will bring you on a journey of mathematical progress and share with you the reasons she believes that math is important, exciting, and innovative. She will discuss and celebrate the multitude of ways that applied mathematics has helped solve the world’s greatest challenges and introduce you to some of the mathematicians who have championed these groundbreaking innovations. She will continue the discussion as it relates to space exploration, describing her role as a mathematician pioneering the future of space sustainability.

Dr. Rooney was honored on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list for Science and Healthcare (2022), and co-founded Mathematigals (2020), an educational initiative to make math accessible and promote representation of women in STEM. Learn more about Dr. Rooney.

The July 10 presentation is free for the public and media to attend. Please email Becky Kerner if you plan to attend and/or would like to interview Dr. Rooney following the talk. You must email SIAM in advance to attend in-person; press credentials will be required.

The lecture will be livestreamed and posted to SIAM’s YouTube afterwards. Information on how to watch the livestream will become available in the coming weeks. Visit the 2024 SIAM Annual Meeting webpage for details.

Go Boldly Where No Math Has Gone Before
Featuring: Caoimhe Rooney 
Astroscale and Mathematigals 
Wednesday, July 10, 6:15 – 7:15 p.m. ET
Hall C 
Spokane Convention Center 
334 West Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, Washington 99201 

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