RHONDOS and Cisco Agree to New Partnership, Reaffirming Commitment to PowerConnect for Splunk Customers

Portland, Ore, May 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RHONDOS, a leading provider of enterprise solutions for securing and observing SAP data, is proud to announce that a new partnership agreement has been finalized with Cisco. This milestone underscores RHONDOS' unwavering commitment to its customers using PowerConnect for Splunk and demonstrates the company's dedication to fostering robust and resilient enterprise solutions.

As partners, RHONDOS and Cisco are now better equipped to deliver integrated and secure solutions that enhance the capabilities of PowerConnect for Splunk. This partnership aligns with RHONDOS' mission to provide exceptional service and innovative solutions to its customers and Splunk partners, ensuring they have the tools and support needed to maintain resilient and secure enterprise environments.

"We are thrilled to reach an agreement with Cisco that allows us to enhance and extend our portfolio of innovative security and observability solutions for SAP customers," said Matt Colabrese, President at RHONDOS. "This partnership not only highlights our ongoing commitment to the Splunk customer base but represents a new frontier in our relentless pursuit to make SAP breaches and outages a thing of the past.”

RHONDOS' collaboration with Cisco will enable the company to leverage Cisco's extensive technology portfolio, enhancing the value of its offerings and ensuring that customers continue to receive top-tier support and innovative solutions. Cisco will now have access to the over 135 years of combined SAP & Splunk expertise that RHONDOS used to create the North American market segment for PowerConnect. This strategic partnership further solidifies RHONDOS' position as a trusted provider in the enterprise technology landscape.

For more information about RHONDOS and its solutions, please visit www.rhondos.com.


RHONDOS is a leading provider of enterprise solutions focused on securing and observing SAP data. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, RHONDOS delivers robust solutions that help enterprises maintain resilient and secure environments. As a dedicated provider of PowerConnect for Splunk, RHONDOS continues to support its customers and partners with cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.


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