Titan.ium Platform Announces Collaboration with Nokia Improving Security for Global Telecommunications Networks

Titan.ium’s market-leading Signaling Firewall integrated with Nokia’s Cybersecurity Dome, safeguarding operator networks with unparalleled efficiency.

LOWELL, Mass., June 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Titan.ium Platform today announced that its Cloud Native Signaling Firewall is the first to be integrated with Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome, providing the most advanced defense to telecommunications providers to protect against evolving cyber threats and helping to ensure the resilience and reliability of networks worldwide.

Nokia’s NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome provides an innovative, multi-level orchestration and threat incident response software suite to more quickly detect, analyze, and mitigate telco security risks. Complementing this, Titan.ium’s 2G/3G/4G/5G Signaling Firewall (SFW) delivers highly-scalable, multi-protocol (SS7, Diameter, SIP and HTTP/2) signaling firewall network capabilities. It enables operators to protect their networks from a wide variety of security and fraud threats, including signaling-derived revenue fraud, to safeguard the network and its subscribers.

Titan.ium’s Signaling Firewall (SFW) can be deployed on physical, virtualized, and cloud infrastructure, providing seamless portability and deployment migration. Its unique capabilities to filter, validate, and enhance the content of the processed messages – leveraging information obtained locally, from remote registries like the Home Location Register (HLR), and from messages routed via other protocols such as Diameter and SIP – significantly enhance the security beyond conventional measures.

Together, the Titan.ium and Nokia products shield operator networks from a wide array of security threats, offering efficiency and comprehensive defense.

“By combining Titan.ium's industry-leading Signaling Firewall with Nokia's award-winning solution, we're raising the bar for telecom security and setting a new standard,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO, Titan.ium Platform. “Importantly, our Signaling Firewall protects against abuse such as redirecting calls and tracking locations that remain significant problems today, as well as robocalling fraud.”

“The capabilities provided by the Titan.ium Signaling Firewall add significant value to the Cybersecurity Dome's observability ecosystem and threat intelligence” said Rodrigo Brito, Global Head of Cybersecurity Portfolio, Nokia. “Over the years, our productive partnership with Titan.ium has successfully combined the strengths of both companies to benefit our mutual customers. This product integration further expands our collaboration.”

For more information, visit Titan.ium Signaling Firewall and Nokia NetGuard Cybersecurity Dome.

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