Next Housing 2.0 Thought Leader Webinar Addresses Cost Cutting in Net Zero Building

Getting to net zero energy in housing is crucial. Come hear how you can get there for the lowest cost.

Lake City, Colo., June 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Builder Media is excited to announce the next 2024 Housing 2.0 Thought Leader Webinar: Getting to Zero at Lowest Cost. This free webinar will be held June 12 at 2 EST. 

All market indicators are sending a clear message that the zero energy ready home train has left the station. This evidence includes:

  • Hundreds of thousands of homes each year with impressively low HERS index scores.
  • A growing number of state energy codes targeting zero energy.
  • A substantial zero energy ready home tax credit locked in for ten years.
  • The impressive growth of mainstream builders committing to 100 percent zero energy ready homes, including the largest HUD-code builder in the country.

Scott Sanders, Director of Construction, Kinexx Modular Construction, will share details on this important topic. If you’re a builder and not getting on the path to zero, you risk being left behind.  The key is to get to zero at lower cost. In this session, Sanders, a building expert with both site building and offsite construction experience, will explore value engineering zero energy ready at lowest cost.

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Scott Sanders, Director of Construction, Kinexx Modular Construction

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