Evidency unveils a new era of trust in digital and sets new compliance standards for enterprises and software industry leaders

Evidency, a European provider of qualified electronic timestamping and electronic seal solutions, is pleased to announce its official launch.

Evidency, a European provider of qualified electronic timestamping and electronic seal solutions, is pleased to announce its official launch. As an eIDAS-qualified Trusted Service Provider (TSP), Evidency is dedicated to enabling the traceability, integrity, and security of digital data, for evidential purposes.

Bringing unforgeable proof to comply with laws and regulations.

Evidency redefines the landscape of digital trust and broadens the horizon, by addressing needs of businesses beyond traditional electronic signatures. Their services are designed to help companies create and retrieve unforgeable digital proofs, to show compliance with laws and regulations, such as electronic invoicing or the Omnibus Directive on promotional pricing.

Evidency’s electronic timestamping associates an exact date and time with digital transactions and documents, such as quotes, invoices, delivery forms, certificates…to prove their existence and integrity at a given point in time. Evidency’s electronic seal solution guarantees the origin of documents issued by organisations, thereby reducing the risk of fraud. Those solutions enhance the trustworthiness and authenticity of critical documents, giving businesses the assurance they need to digitalise their processes with confidence.

Providing digital proofs with indisputable legal value

At the heart of Evidency’s mission is a commitment to delivering solutions with unquestionable legal value. By adhering to the rigorous standards of the eIDAS regulation and earning qualification from the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), Evidency’s services provide businesses with the confidence that their digital proofs are both secure and legally recognised.

Seamless integration for enhanced efficiency

Evidency’s innovation doesn’t stop at legal compliance. The company also champions simplicity and transparency, understanding that the best technology is often the most straightforward to use.

Evidency’s user-friendly API allows for seamless integration with existing systems, ensuring that developers can implement the solutions without disrupting their current workflows. The technical teams will be able to test the compatibility of their systems with Evidency via a sandbox and will be guided by the Evidency support team all along.

Furthermore, Evidency’s flat-rate pricing model removes the guesswork and complexity often associated with digital trust services, offering clear and predictable costs.

A vision of comprehensive digital trust

"We are thrilled to introduce Evidency to the European market," says Stephane Père, Managing Director of Evidency. "In a period where digitalisation is inherently tied to performance and efficiency, companies are facing a growing pressure to deliver robust digital evidence in order to fulfill requirements for audits, compliance, control, litigation, and security. Evidency is built on the principle that advanced technology should not be complicated to use and should increase trust and reliability. Our electronic timestamping and seal are truly reinventing trust, providing seamless integrated solutions to companies needing to demonstrate undisputable traceability and proof of action.”

About Evidency

Evidency is a European provider of electronic timestamping and electronic seal solutions, dedicated to enhancing digital trust. As an eIDAS-qualified Trusted Service Provider, Evidency is recognised by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) for its commitment to security and legal compliance. Evidency, a brand of APP Solutions, that also provides timestamping for the Agence pour la Protection des Programmes (APP), is at the forefront of innovation, serving the needs of enterprises and software industry leaders. Evidency has offices in Paris, London and Madrid.

For more information about Evidency and its services, please visit www.evidency.io or contact our team at contact@evidency.io.


Evidency, eidas qualified trust service provider

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