PortPro Launches First-Ever Drayage TMS with an Embedded Email Inbox

Powered by Generative AI, New Features Drastically Improve How Logistics Teams Manage their Operations, Improve Team Collaboration, and Strengthen Customer Relationships

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey and LOS ANGELES, June 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PortPro, the premier transportation software provider for the drayage industry, today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind Embedded Email Inbox feature for drayage carriers and brokers looking to better command and control their operations by better managing their inboxes, improving operational efficiency and teamworkflows, and strengthening customer communications.

PortPro's Embedded Email Inbox feature allows you to integrate your PortPro system with your Gmail or Outlook email inbox, allowing you to access your email from within your TMS. It includes all your traditional email capabilities (like composing and replying to emails) plus more efficiency with the help of our AI. Carriers and brokers no longer have to waste countless hours juggling their inbox and TMS, only to lose sight of a critical email or customer request – resulting in issues such as excessive demurrage and detention costs, lapses in service levels, disjointed team communication channels, and difficulty tracking emails related to specific loads.

“We listened to our customers who were frustrated by multiple email inboxes and the inefficiencies with back-and-forth communications on each load,” said Michael Mecca, founder and CEO at PortPro. “We created this feature to bridge the painful gap between communication and operational workflow, offering a next-level experience for our carriers, their teams, and their customers,” he added.

“PortPro’s Embedded Email Inbox automatically connects and archives emails to specific orders, making communication seamless. Our team saves hours by removing the need to manually archive and track email records, and eliminating the need to search for old email threads,” said Marcus Vierra, CEO of Best Drayage.

The new Embedded Email Inbox features four unique benefits for drayage carriers and brokers:

  1. Direct integration with Gmail and Outlook: It’s the inbox you already use, living side-by-side with your TMS on the same screen. Consolidate multiple inboxes and seamlessly manage communications from an advanced email inbox directly from within PortPro’s TMS platform.

  2. Automated Indexing and Filtering: Easily associate emails with specific loads or quotes, customer requests, organizations, people, and other related information. Create and customize tags to improve team workflows.

  3. TMS Context: Use the power and information from your TMS to view, compose, and reply to customer and team emails in real time. Be on the same page as your team for quick response times.

  4. Powered by Generative AI: PortPro's email technology will summarize long email threads, automate quoting, recommend actions to take, automate key data entry, and, over time, learn to improve and better anticipate needs for even more efficiency and automation.

For more information, go to https://portpro.io/features/drayage-carrier/embedded-email-inbox

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