Otus and ClassLink Unite to Offer Seamless Access and Enhanced Data Management for Educators

CHICAGO, June 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Otus, a leading student performance platform, and ClassLink, a global education provider of identity and analytics products, have joined forces to enhance digital learning environments and simplify access to educational technologies. This collaboration is set to support more than 21 million students by integrating Otus' learning, analytics, and management tools with ClassLink’s platform for access, analytics, and identity management.

“ClassLink and Otus are a natural fit, each bringing strengths that, when combined, offer a powerful solution for today’s educational challenges,” said Patrick Devanney, Senior VP of Strategy and Partnerships at ClassLink. “This partnership is about making digital learning simpler and more effective, allowing teachers to focus on teaching rather than technology.”

Chris Hull, President and Co-Founder of Otus, added, “We are excited to partner with ClassLink. Their expertise in simplifying technology access complements our mission to enhance the educational journey. Together, we’re not just removing technological hurdles; we’re creating pathways for enriched learning experiences across the board.”

This initiative leverages the complementary capabilities of both platforms, offering effortless single sign-on access and ensuring accurate, real-time rostering. Aimed at reducing the administrative overhead for educators and improving the educational process, this collaboration establishes a more cohesive and efficient educational ecosystem.

Key Benefits of the Partnership Include:

Data-Informed Decisions: With all student data in one place, educators will be able to make more informed decisions quickly, tailor instruction to meet individual needs, and track progress effectively, transforming insights into actionable strategies.

Accurate Rostering: Thanks to the direct integration of the two platforms, student roster information remains up-to-date, ensuring reliable and precise user data.

Streamlined Access for Educators and Students: By leveraging ClassLink’s single sign-on, educators and students can easily log into Otus, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple passwords.

Track Progress Toward Learning Standards: Many schools struggle to assess and communicate students’ proficiency of learning standards. Otus supports standards-based grading processes, streamlining the assessment, tracking, and reporting of student progress. 

Through this partnership, Otus and ClassLink are committed to making educational technology more accessible and practical, aiming to support educators and students in navigating the complexities of digital education with ease.

About Otus
Otus significantly improves the way we support students by providing an all-in-one platform for educators to gather, visualize, and act on student data to ensure every child – no matter their learning level or background – is on a trajectory to achieve their true potential. Otus was created and built for teachers, by teachers. It saves educators time through the streamlined integration of assessment, performance tracking, and third-party data, while its gradebook and dashboard reports make it easy for teachers, administrators, and families to understand each student’s growth. Otus has delivered improved results for more than 1 million learners. Learn more at otus.com.


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