Haffner Energy teams up with LanzaJet for “Paris-Vatry SAF”

Haffner Energy teams up with LanzaJet for “Paris-Vatry SAF”

Alcohol-To-Jet (ATJ) pathway selected for first biomass thermolysis-to-SAF project in France

Vitry-le-François, France, June 6, 2024, 6:00 pm (CEST), France

“Paris-Vatry SAF”, the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production plant project at Paris-Vatry airport, will be developed with leading ATJ (Alcohol-To-Jet) technology provider LanzaJet, Haffner Energy announces today.

The project, carried by Haffner Energy, will provide an initial capacity of 30,000 tonnes of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) per year, with the possibility of tripling production. Paris-Vatry SAF is the first in a series of new SAF projects with Haffner Energy’s solutions.

Our collaboration with LanzaJet for the Paris-Vatry SAF project allows both companies to bring decisive advantages for the production of SAF through the ATJ pathway, states Haffner Energy’s CEO Philippe Haffner. We are thrilled to be working with LanzaJet and provide together a solution compatible with European mandates thanks to our combined technologies.

Specifically selected for the “Paris-Vatry SAF” project, ATJ is one of the two most advanced pathways for ASTM-approved SAF production. In order to comply with EU regulations on SAF, the biomass currently must be sourced from advanced feedstocks. This is the considerable advantage provided by SAFNOCA®, the biomass-agnostic solution developed by Haffner Energy. Through the ATJ pathway, syngas produced by SAFNOCA® is converted into ethanol using LanzaTech’s (NASDAQ: LNZA) carbon recycling technology, then into SAF using LanzaJet’s leading ATJ technology.

In addition, Haffner Energy will target residual and local biomass to build a truly sustainable project that fuels the circular economy and benefits the community.

The technology developed by Haffner Energy, backed by 30 years of expertise converting advanced feedstock into syngas, will allow the ATJ pathway to comply with the European SAF mandates.

“Decarbonizing aviation is a global mission for us at LanzaJet, and this partnership with Haffner Energy at Paris-Vatry showcases the versatility of our Alcohol-to-Jet technology platform to address a range of low-carbon, sustainable feedstocks,” says Jimmy Samartzis, CEO of LanzaJet. “We’re excited about our work with Haffner Energy as it brings the best of the Lanza companies forward as an integrated, revolutionary solution – gas fermentation with LanzaTech to produce ethanol and LanzaJet to transform that ethanol into SAF.”

LanzaJet is the ATJ-pathway world leader thanks to its proprietary technology. The American company's powerful influence on the decarbonization of aviation was just highlighted on the prestigious “TIME 100 Most Influential Companies” 2024 list, where it was named for “Fueling aviation change”.

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Haffner Energy is a leading cleantech company dedicated to decarbonizing mobility and industry with competitive clean fuels, backed by 30 years´ expertise. Its innovative, patented biomass thermolysis technology produces Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), as well as renewable gas, hydrogen, and methanol. The company also contributes to regenerating the planet through the co-production of biogenic CO2 and biochar.

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