CapLinked Defies Economic Trends with Sustained Revenue and Client Growth

LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CapLinked, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based virtual data room software, today announced that it has continued to experience significant growth in revenues, client base, and international presence, even amidst various economic factors impacting M&A activity and capital raising.

CapLinked has successfully expanded its client portfolio to include prominent global firms such as KPMG, Accenture, Mazars, Moelis & Company, and Deloitte. These companies, among others, have chosen CapLinked for its robust and secure platform to manage their transaction workflows and sensitive data sharing.

"We are thrilled to see our client base growing consistently, with new clients joining us on an ongoing basis," said Greg Brinson, CEO of CapLinked. "Our commitment to providing top-notch security and user-friendly solutions has been a key driver of our growth, even in a challenging economic environment. Data room users are also seeking alternative options that provide the full functionality they need, but at a price point that’s more reasonable than what’s offered by the legacy platforms they’ve been using until now."

In addition to its expanding client list, CapLinked is also seeing increased activity in various international markets. Notably, the company has experienced a surge in client engagements in Australia and East Asia, including countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. This growth highlights CapLinked's global appeal and the versatility of its platform in meeting the needs of clients across different regions.

CapLinked's software platform is renowned for its ability to securely share information and manage multi-party interactions during complex transactions and projects. The platform includes three distinct product lines:

  1. An enterprise application for larger firms with complex needs and significant data volumes.
  2. Self-serve accounts for smaller clients who need to safeguard limited amounts of information.
  3. An application programming interface (API) for clients who need to embed robust information security capabilities in their own applications.

With these comprehensive solutions, CapLinked continues to be the preferred choice for financial services professionals, especially those in private equity and investment banking, who rely on secure and efficient tools to manage their deals.

"We are honored to support such esteemed clients and to contribute to their success by providing a secure environment for their transactions," added Brinson. "Our team is dedicated to continuing this momentum and expanding our reach to serve more clients globally."

About CapLinked, Inc.

CapLinked, Inc. is a fintech innovator whose cloud-based platform is used to protect information shared between firms and manage interactions during multi-party projects. Thousands of companies in over 113 countries worldwide rely on CapLinked’s enterprise, self-serve, and API product lines. Greg Brinson and Christopher Grey (former private equity and investment banking executive) lead the company, which was founded in 2010. CapLinked is a trademark of CapLinked, Inc. Visit to learn more.


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