Global mRNA Cancer Vaccines Clinical Trials Market Report 2024: First Commercial mRNA Vaccine Approval Expected by 2029

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Global mRNA Cancer Vaccines Clinical Trials & Future Market Outlook 2024 Report Highlights:

  • mRNA Cancer Vaccines in Clinical Trials: > 60 Vaccines
  • Highest Phase of Clinical Trials: Phase III (2 Vaccine)
  • mRNA Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials Insight by Company, Country, Indication & Phase
  • First Commercial mRNA Vaccine Approval Expected by 2029
  • US & China Dominating mRNA Cancer Vaccines Clinical Trials: > 45 Vaccines
  • mRNA Vaccines for Skin Cancer Dominating Trials: > 10 Vaccines

From that time impetuous when mRNA vaccines were utilized for the management of coronavirus, in 2019, clinical researchers are working insistently with the intention of using mRNA vaccines for the treatment of cancer ailments. Building on the triumph of mRNA vaccine to cure coronavirus, copious researchers believed that cutting edge mRNA vaccines can be used to treat cancer patients owing to its exclusive mode of action. For that reason, it can be forecast that the market for mRNA cancer vaccine is expected to advance further in the imminent years. Currently, the market for this segment exists in the US coupled with China in terms of research and development; however, other regions, like European countries, are also an emerging area as evident from preclinical and clinical studies.

Until now, no mRNA cancer vaccines have entered into the commercial global market, with 2 mRNA vaccines contenders, CMB-305 in conjugation with mRNA 4157, being in the late phase of development (phase III), it can be prophesied that first breakthrough mRNA cancer vaccine will enter into the global market in upcoming 5-7 years and we contemplates that the casement of first mRNA cancer vaccine will result in an overall revenue of US$ 100 Million after its approval within 12-18 months. According to the study, 3 to 4 mRNA cancer vaccines are likely to commercially enter the market in following decennium. As well as, with cumulative sales clenches plausibility of more than US$ 5 Billion in years to come.

For that reason, several mRNA cancer vaccines preclinical and clinical trials are ongoing in the domain. For instance, The V Foundation for Cancer Research in collaboration with University of Florida are planning to initiate a phase I/II clinical trial in order to examine the safety as well as immunologic activity of RNA lipid Particle (RNA-LP) Vaccines in patients with recurrent pulmonary osteosarcoma. It is an interventional study, which has an estimated study start date in August 2024 and is projected to be complete by October 2026.

Above this, the domain of mRNA cancer vaccine is experiencing trailblazing growth due to increasing research collaboration, and investments. For instance, in June 2024, Moderna has joined hands with Merck by announcing 3 year data for mRNA-4157 (V940) in combination with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) which established sustained improvement in patients suffering from high-risk stage III/IV melanoma following complete resection. Moreover, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in addition to CureVac N.V. proclaimed a co-development along with licensing agreement in order develops novel mRNA-based cancer vaccines in April 2024.

Coupled with collaborations, advancement in technological and drug delivery is also another aspect which is influencing global mRNA cancer vaccine growth. For instance, in August 2023, healthcare professionals from Johns Hopkins Medicine have developed a nanoparticle based design which clenches plausibility to enhance mRNA cancer vaccine delivery.

Hitherto, the global sector of mRNA cancer vaccine has acknowledged an avant-garde growth, fueled by the noteworthy progression in research and development, in addition to the transformative potential of this innovative treatment modality. Accumulating studies have revealed that mRNA cancer vaccines clenches potential of treating cancer and exemplifies safer as well as well tolerated profile, thereby, offering novel avenue. Albeit, mRNA cancer vaccines are predominately used to treat solid tumors; nonetheless, treatment of hematological cancer malignancies by mRNA vaccines are likewise to be utilized in imminent years.

There is a favorable prospect in addition to development mRNA cancer vaccine in the global market but with a number of hardships and Achilles heels, like long term effectiveness and competition from other therapies. In the meantime, there exists a robust and cumbersome pipeline of clinical trials; hence, it is expected that the realm of mRNA cancer vaccine clenches enthusiastic forthcoming; representing an opportunity for pharma companies to advance the realm of mRNA cancer vaccine.

Key Topics Covered:

mRNA Vaccines as Next Generation Cancer Immunotherapy

  • mRNA Vaccines Overview
  • mRNA Vaccines v/s Other Cancer Therapeutic Approaches
  • mRNA Vaccines v/s Other Vaccines

Global mRNA Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trials Insight by Company, Country, Indication & Phase

  • Research
  • Preclinical
  • Phase I
  • Phase I/II
  • Phase II
  • Phase II/III
  • Phase III

Global Cancer mRNA Vaccines Clinical Pipeline Overview

  • By Company
  • By Country
  • By Indication
  • By Patient Segment
  • By Phase
  • By Priority Status

Global mRNA Cancer Vaccines Market Overview

  • Current Market Trends
  • Future Market Commercialization & Clinical Opportunities

Global mRNA Cancer Vaccines Market Trends by Country

  • US
  • China
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Canada
  • UK

Global mRNA Cancer Vaccines Clinical Landscape by Indication

  • Breast Cancer
  • Brain Cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Head & Neck Cancers
  • Lung Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Digestive System Cancer

Global mRNA Cancer Vaccines Market Collaborations, Deals & Investments

Proprietary Technologies & Methodologies for mRNA Cancer Vaccine Development

  • FixVac - BioNTech
  • iNeST - BioNTech
  • NanoReady - Samyang Holdings
  • CureVac Method - CureVac
  • mRNA platform - Moderna
  • NeoCura Ag - NeoCura
  • OligoPhoreT and SemaPhoreT - Altamira Therapeutics
  • mRNA Medicines Platform & Proprietary LNP Delivery Technology - Providence Therapeutic
  • RNAimmune

Competitive Landscape

  • BioNTech
  • Combined Therapeutics
  • CureVac
  • EpiVax
  • HDT Bio
  • Immorna
  • Immune Design
  • MDimune
  • Moderna Therapeutics
  • NeoCura
  • pHion Therapeutics
  • Providence Therapeutics
  • Regen BioPharma
  • RNAimmune
  • TransCode Therapeutics

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