Lucas GC Limited Awarded The 2024 Most Valuable Brand for Investment

NEW YORK, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lucas GC Limited (NASDAQ: LGCL) (“Lucas” or the “Company”), an artificial intelligence (the “AI”) technology-driven Platform-as-a-Service (the “PaaS”) company currently focusing on offering human capital management services, announced today that it won The 2024 Cberi Prize in The Most Valuable Brand for Investment during the Asian Brand Economy Conference (ABEC).

The award was given during the Asian Brand Economy Conference (ABEC), one of the most influential marketing events in Asia with over 500 participants from Asian countries including Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong attended this year. The conference focuses on brand building, digital marketing, cross-cultural communication, social responsibility, and other topics that provides valuable ideas and practical paths for the development of Asia's brand economy. The theme of the 2024 ABEC was “Innovation, Digital Integration, and Sustainable Development.”

“Lucas GC Limited plans to expand its footprint outside China, initially focusing on emerging Asian countries. This award is a great validation of Lucas’ strong foundation in AI technology, which adds much value in forming mutually beneficial partnerships in Asia,” said Howard Lee, founder and CEO of Lucas GC Limited.

Lucas, via its Star Career and Columbus platforms, leverages its unique patent protect AI technology along with its 638,000 active users, to disrupt the human resources market. Lucas seeks to deliver the right job candidates, efficiently and expeditiously, to its corporate clients, providing them with a satisfactory experience.   

About Lucas GC Limited

Lucas GC Limited, an AI technology-driven PaaS company currently focusing on offering human capital management services, is the largest AI technology-driven online agent-centric human capital management service provider targeting professionals based on PaaS in China in terms of the number of active users in the human resources industry as of June 30, 2022 and total net revenues for the year ended December 31, 2021. As a company empowered by artificial intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain technologies, Lucas is committed to digitalizing and intellectualizing the entire human capital management process. Lucas provides a platform to support trusted private social networks of professionals, through which it provides services consisting of recruitment services, outsourcing services, and other services such as information technology services and training services. The Company's users are primarily professionals who work in human resources related functions. The Company's corporate customers are corporations with recruitment, training, sales leads generation and outsourcing demands.  For more information, please visit:

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