The Clark Law Office Explores Potential Impact of Michigan’s Proposed Increase in Speed Limits to 80 MPH

The personal injury lawyers at The Clark Law Office have highlighted the impact of the state’s proposed increased speed limits to 80 mph.

Lansing, MI, June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Clark Law Office has provided legal representation to hundreds of personal injury victims involved in auto accidents over the years. Having won several millions of dollars in compensation for clients, they’ve become the go-to injury lawyer for clients seeking redress from at-fault parties and their insurance providers. Leveraging their wealth of experience on the issue of road accidents, the lawyers have weighed in on the proposed increase in speed limits on Michigan’s interstate highways to 80 MPH.

Speaking on the proposed increase in the speed limit on Michigan’s interstate highways, The Clark Law Office personal injury attorney noted that speed plays a major role in road traffic accidents. Michigan is already witnessing a fair share of road traffic accidents that have changed the course of victim’s lives. The proposed increase in speed limit can only be expected to have a negative impact on the lives of road users and accident victims.

Correlating speed and the extent of damage suffered by accident victims, the car accident attorney noted that victims are more likely to suffer fatal and life-changing injuries or even death when struck at higher speed. With the proposed speed limit increase, the lawyers are expecting “significant implications for public safety, traffic management, and environmental concerns.”

The accident lawyers noted that the proposed increased speed limit is already a hot topic that is gathering wide public interest and debate. Matthew R. Clark, the law firm’s lead attorney, added that the topic also touches on legislative action, which is a critical aspect of news that affects a large number of people within the state​.

As established and experienced accident lawyers, The Clark Law Office is interested in the proposal and how it will shape the number of road traffic accidents if passed. The lawyers are also dedicated to helping accident victims who may be affected by the legislative changes.

The law firm’s spokesperson noted that they are prepared to defend Michigan residents now and in the future against any form of oppression from insurance companies or at-fault parties who are deemed responsible for their injuries, whether on or off the road. They are also dedicating more resources to providing fast responses to clients seeking consultations to help understand their situation and how to proceed.

The Clark Law Office makes it easier for accident victims to pursue their claims by eliminating upfront legal costs and fees. With this, accident victims can focus more on recuperation and recovery while the lawyers fight their cases at the negotiation table or in court.

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