Investors, Accelerators and Funds Directory, Q4-2023-2024: Details of 4,095 Websites - Leading VC Firms, Angel Investors, Accelerators, and Funding Platforms

Dublin, June 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "List of Investors, Accelerators and Funds Q4 2023" directory has been added to's offering.

List of Investors, Accelerators and Funds Q4 2023, containing 4095 websites.

This comprehensive directory showcases:

  • Leading venture capital firms
  • Angel investors
  • Accelerators
  • Funding platforms

That have actively invested in various industries and geographies during the last quarter of 2023. Each entry includes the name of the organization and a link to its website for more information. The goal of this resource is to help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses find potential investment partners and accelerate their growth.

Goals and Objectives of the Research

  • Collect a list of websites of individual investors, business accelerators, venture funds, and other enterprises providing financial and/or non-financial (mentoring, training, expert analysis, provision of products, and/or office space) support to commercial projects.
  • Collect data on project support in the fields of Data, iGaming, Game Development (GameDev), Blockchain, Financial Technology (FinTech), and Advertising Technology (AdTech).

Research Methodology

The list of investor websites was compiled from open sources using the following methods:

  • Searching for companies on CrunchBase
  • Searching for companies on Shizune
  • Searching for companies on AlphaGrowth
  • Searching for similar websites using SimilarWeb

Website traffic was determined using the SimilarWeb service.

The birth year of an individual investor was determined by:

  • Investor's statements on their social networks
  • Articles and interviews in international publications (Forbes, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Business Today, Entrepreneur, Wallmine)
  • Profile on the Golden resource

The start year of a company's investment activities was determined by the year the domain was registered.

The start year of an individual investor's investment activities was determined by:

  • The first declared year of working as an investor, founder (co-founder) of their own company, or shareholder on LinkedIn
  • The first news appearance about investing

Information on project support by companies was collected based on:

  • Company portfolio
  • News
  • Company statements on their website and official social media pages

Information on project support by individual investors was collected based on:

  • Portfolio on the website (if available)
  • Investor statements on their social networks
  • List of investments on CrunchBase


The collected information does not claim absolute data completeness.

If an individual investor does not have a website, their LinkedIn profile is used as a substitute.

Companies and individual investors may support projects in several research fields simultaneously.

To conclude support for projects in the fields of Data, iGaming, GameDev, Blockchain, FinTech, AdTech, or Tech, at least one project that received financial or non-financial support is sufficient.


6453 active investors, accelerators, and funds were identified.

Of them:

  • 2857 individual investors
  • 470 business accelerators
  • 2831 venture funds
  • 236 business accelerators with venture funds
  • 23 partner companies acting as intermediaries rather than direct investors
  • 8 non-profit organizations
  • 28 other enterprises for which investment activities are not primary but provide financial support on an individual basis

A total of 3596 companies were collected.

Their support in specific fields includes:

  • 2634 support the field of FinTech. Of them:
    • 2271 venture funds
    • 192 business accelerators
    • 151 business accelerators with venture funds
    • 9 partner companies
    • 7 other enterprises
    • 4 non-profit organizations
  • Out of the 1525 entities supporting the Data sector:
    • 1304 are venture funds
    • 108 are business accelerators
    • 103 are business accelerators with venture funds
    • 5 are other enterprises
    • 4 are partner companies
    • 1 is a non-profit organization

Future Goals & Extensions

  • Identify the Top-200 companies based on monthly visits that support projects in the fields of Data, iGaming, Game Development, Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Advertising Technology.
  • Identify the Top-200 individual investors based on the number of LinkedIn followers who fund projects in the fields of Data, iGaming, Game Development, Blockchain, Financial Technology, and Advertising Technology.
  • Supplement the collected lists with information about portfolio size, AUM (Assets Under Management), and investment stages.
  • Conduct a comparative analysis of individual investors and companies

The listed and other additions will be added in planned expansions and subsequent research cycles.

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