DeepBrain AI Launches Custom Avatar Creation Feature in AI Studios

New feature allows users to create a personalized avatar using a short video clip or even just with a picture

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DeepBrain AI, a leading generative AI company, announced today the introduction of a custom avatar creation feature to its AI video synthesis platform, AI Studios. This feature enhances the platform's avatar capabilities, offering users two new methods to create personalized avatars for their video content.

AI Studios is known for its virtual human video editing platform based on ‘text-to-video’ technology, allowing users to turn user generated content into videos by simply entering desired text instructions. The platform can also create videos using input from various documents – including PDFs, slide presentations, blog posts, web pages, articles, and reports.

The newly added custom avatar creation feature enables users to create their own avatars in real-time by using a webcam or uploading images and video files. Additionally, users can create avatars using videos that capture moving images, allowing for the creation of diverse and dynamic videos tailored to the production’s purpose. These avatars can mimic the user's tone of voice and speak multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

To ensure the security and ethical use of personal information, DeepBrain AI has also developed companion technology that provides deepfake detection. When a famous person's image is uploaded, an alert window pops up, and the synthesis process does not proceed, preventing the creation of custom avatars with unauthorized identities. Furthermore, DeepBrain AI has established measures to ensure compliance with AI production ethics standards, including a generative AI production ethics script and legal responsibility consent procedures.

AI Studios also supports integration with TikTok accounts, allowing users to automatically generate and post videos according to their desired schedule. The platform’s team plan feature facilitates easy and convenient collaboration for creating content.

“The era has arrived when anyone can create their own avatar and use it in videos without high costs or specialized skills,” said Se-young, CEO of DeepBrain AI. “With AI Studios, we aim to make generative AI accessible to everyone, enabling them to unleash their creativity and produce distinctive content effortlessly.”

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