Red Gold Modernizes Dock Scheduling, Transportation Management, and LTL Process with Loadsmart

Chicago, IL, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Loadsmart, a leading freight technology and transportation service provider, and Red Gold, an enterprise-scale manufacturer of some of the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world, recently conducted an analysis of savings and process improvements.

Red Gold had an initiative to modernize its logistics processes to increase efficiency and add resilience while lowering costs. They accomplished this by implementing Loadsmart technology and services sequentially after each successful implementation and proven ROI. The company started with Opendock, Loadsmart’s online dock scheduling platform, added and then expanded capabilities with ShipperGuide TMS, an intuitive transportation management and RFP management system, before adding LTL services through Loadsmart’s Freight Brokerage.

This resulted in an 18% increase in warehouse throughput, decreased appointment lead times by 90%, significant time saved with over 25,000 loads auto-tendered, and saved Red Gold 17% on LTL freight annually. Below are additional results of this ongoing partnership.


Reduced manual processes - All carriers now schedule their own dock appointments, freeing clerks from manually scheduling via phone calls and email.

Increased throughput - Appointments are now scheduled 1-2 days out, a 90% reduction in lead time. Case throughput has increased by 18%.

Fewer delayed sales - Clerks can easily identify shipments without appointments or with missed appointments and address issues quickly, decreasing delayed sales.

Less dock congestion - Teams now know exactly which orders need to be staged for loading and by when because pickup schedules are easy to see.

Better communication with customers - All order and shipment information is easily accessible, making it simple to communicate relevant details to customers.

Improved carrier performance - Opendock’s On Time Pickup Performance data informs Red Gold’s decision-making process regarding which carriers to hire and who needs to improve.

Achieving ‘Shipper of Choice’ status with carriers - Giving carriers an easy way to book appointments, and getting drivers in and out of the yard on time, helps build a positive reputation.

ShipperGuide TMS

More frequent carrier RFPs - RFPs now take a couple of hours instead of a couple of weeks. Red Gold has completed 46 RFPs since launch, an improvement over its original two per year.

Auto-tendered shipments - 70% of Red Gold’s shipments are now executed through auto-tender. To date, this has automated more than 25,000 shipments.

Reduced workload - Since adopting ShipperGuide TMS, the reduction in manual processes has made Red Gold’s logistics team 25% more efficient.

Tracking and exception management - Instead of tracking 30 - 40 unique spreadsheets daily, all tracking information is readily available in ShipperGuide TMS, and exceptions are easily flagged for action.

Fast user adoption - ShipperGuide TMS is straightforward enough for seasoned logistics professionals to find value in compared to their existing processes, and intuitive enough to train green employees.

Better decision-making - With ShipperGuide's reports and dashboards, Red Gold can leverage real data to make better decisions and respond to ad hoc requests from internal teams.

Brokerage Services

More freight modes - Loadsmart has helped Red Gold expand its relationships from three LTL providers to 24 and lower costs by 17% year to date. 

Expanded capacity reach - Using Loadsmart’s brokerage load board, Red Gold has found and established contracted rates with additional carriers to drive down freight costs.

James Posipanka, Red Gold’s Supply Chain Manager - Logistics, had this to say, “The current transportation market is extremely shipper-friendly and has been for the past 18 months. Now is the time for us to plan and prepare for when it swings the other way, and carriers can choose which customers they want to work with. When that happens, we want to be a ‘Shipper of Choice.’ By putting strategies and processes in place now, we’ll be successful when the market does flip.”

Click here to read the full case study documenting the benefits and savings Red Gold has achieved since partnering with Loadsmart.

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