ThinkCareBelieve: Will The Scales of Justice Tip in Assange’s Favor?

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LONDON, June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The UK High Court set the date for WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange's Appeal Hearing. Supporters are asked to attend outside the courthouse for these two days at The Royal Courts of Justice, on The Strand, London. WC2A 2LL, 8:30 am, July 9 and 10, 2024. Looking for a sea of people to show the UK and the U.S. that we are not going to allow Julian Assange's human rights to continue to be diminished. Our free speech and the ability for our press to function in an effective way are on the line.

Justices Jeremy Johnson and Victoria Sharp will again be presiding over Assange's case during this hearing. Assange has been granted the right to appeal on two of nine requested grounds. First, that his extradition was in line with his free speech rights enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, and secondly that he might be prejudiced against because of his nationality, meaning he is not being given his First Amendment protections by the U.S. government because he is not an American.

ThinkCareBelieve believes it is becoming evident that all journalists need to stand strongly now for their rights to publish the truth. It's not just Assange's battle, it's the battle for the ability of journalists to do any type of investigative journalism without fear of being arrested and targeted with lawfare. This isn’t just crucial for journalists to stand up for Assange, the trickle-down effect of the precedent set by this case would soon affect the average citizen in everything they say and do online. Julian Assange is a fighter for a free and safe internet. We must fight for his freedom now, together for our shared future as free citizens.

Stella Assange’s Article on the Fight to Save Her Husband:

"He lost his liberty on the 20th of December, 2010, and that was exactly a week after WikiLeaks started publishing Cablegate. He was initially in prison for 10 days, then under house arrest, then in the Embassy for almost 7 years, and now he's been in a high security prison for over 5 years. As time goes by, the embassy seemed like an eternity but the time that he's spent in this high security prison, Belmarsh, is almost as long as he was in the embassy.

The political support we seen has come from the grass roots. In Australia we've seen this translate into political action, so the Australian government for example up until this current administration was basically facilitating Julian's persecution. But it was through this grass roots movement that this turned around and the current Prime Minister Albanese when he was running for the Labor Party, his platform was to find a solution to bring Julian home, and then once he was elected, he's kept with that message. That's come because it was politically feasible for him to do so, and that only comes from this bottom-up [grass-roots effort.] (Interview continues at link)

ThinkCareBelieve’s Article

The ThinkCareBelieve article at covers Assange lawyer Jen Robinson giving a thorough summation of the status of Julian’s Case, as well as the political ramifications for U.S Presidential candidates Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden, and the strong request from the Australian government for their award-winning journalist to be returned.

Highlighted also is the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) statement urging President Biden to drop all charges against Julian Assange .

ThinkCareBelieve’s article also covers French Mathematician Cédric Villani’s moving recount of his visit with Julian Assange just after seeing him in HMP Belmarsh and Independent Parliamentary candidate Craig Murray’s address to the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva on the Rights and Freedoms of Julian Assange.

ThinkCareBelieve believes that when we take a look at the ideals and practices for which Julian Assange stands, we can see him as a man of integrity. He has a moral and social intelligence that shines through his work and his talks in educating the public on how to empower themselves with knowledge against a state of increasingly diminished rights. Julian Assange changed journalism forever by employing the practice of “Scientific Journalism” which printed the source documentation alongside the articles for verification of facts. He also pioneered the secure dropbox for whistleblowers to securely upload tips and information. Something so new and unconventional at the time, but is commonly used today.

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