60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals Announces First Quarter 2024 Results
May 15, 2024 13:45 ET | Sixty Degrees Pharmaceuticals
SXTP posts Q1 2024 net product revenues increase of 515% year-over-year to $105.7 thousand in a Q1 earnings report released today.
60 Degrees Pharma Plans Pivotal Babesiosis Study with Tafenoquine Following Jan 17 FDA Meeting
January 22, 2024 07:59 ET | Sixty Degrees Pharmaceuticals
Post-FDA meeting, 60 Degrees Pharma plans pivotal study of tafenoquine in hospitalized babesiosis patients, aiming to start in summer 2024. #biotech #SXTP
60 Degrees Pharma Announces IRB Approval of Phase IIA Study to Evaluate Tafenoquine for Babesiosis, an Emerging Tick-Borne Disease; Type C Meeting Re-Scheduled by FDA to January 17, 2024
December 26, 2023 07:59 ET | Sixty Degrees Pharmaceuticals
60 Degrees Pharma has received IRB approval for a Phase IIA study evaluating tafenoquine's efficacy in treating hospitalized babesiosis patients, while the
60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals Study Results Published by New Microbes and New Infections Demonstrate Tafenoquine Exhibits Broad Spectrum Antifungal Activity
August 30, 2023 07:32 ET | Sixty Degrees Pharmaceuticals
Data showed tafenoquine does not exhibit cross-susceptibility with fluconazole against Candida spp.Effective treatment of drug-resistant Candida infections is an unmet need in U.S. marketPresumed mode...
60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals Registers ACLR8-LR, a Phase IIB Study of Tafenoquine for Treatment of COVID-19, on ClinicalTrials.gov
August 15, 2023 07:31 ET | Sixty Degrees Pharmaceuticals
ACLR8-LR, a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled Phase IIB study to determine efficacy of the ARAKODA® regimen of tafenoquine in COVID-19 patients with mild-moderate symptoms and low risk of...
60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
July 12, 2023 12:29 ET | Sixty Degrees Pharmaceuticals
WASHINGTON, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals, Inc., (NASDAQ: SXTP; SXTPW) ("60P" or the "Company"), specialists in developing and marketing medicines for infectious...
60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals Awarded U.S. Patent Covering Tafenoquine for Treatment of COVID-19 and Other Lung Infections
April 26, 2023 07:34 ET | Sixty Degrees Pharmaceuticals
Patent provides exclusive use through 2040 of tafenoquine for treatment of COVID-19 and other lung infections. Tafenoquine is the active molecule in 60P’s FDA-approved drug for malaria prevention,...