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Transforming Bankruptcy Law with Legal Soft
April 04, 2024 13:00 ET | Legal Soft
LOS ANGELES, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Legal Soft, a leading provider of virtual legal staffing for law firms, announces a strategic shift in its approach to bankruptcy law, stating the...
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Bankruptcy Filings Increase Across All Chapters in First Quarter 2024
April 02, 2024 15:47 ET | Epiq
Bankruptcy Filings Increase Across All Chapters in First Quarter 2024; Commercial Chapter 11s Up 43 Percent
Hempsana Inc. Announces Appointment of a Proposal Trustee
March 13, 2024 12:37 ET | Hempsana Holdings Ltd.
TORONTO, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hempsana Holdings Ltd. (HMPS.CN) announces that on March 11, 2024, its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Hempsana Inc. (the “Company”), filed a Notice of...
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February Commercial Chapter 11s Surge 118 Percent
March 04, 2024 15:20 ET | Epiq
Commercial chapter 11 bankruptcy filings climbed 118 percent in February 2024, with the 882 filings versus the 377 filings in February 2023,
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January Small Business Subchapter V Elections Increase 43 Percent over Last Year
February 02, 2024 15:52 ET | Epiq
NEW YORK and ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Total bankruptcy filings were 36,607 in January 2024, a 17 percent increase from the January 2023 total of 31,176, according to data...
BC Cost of Living Increasingly Driving Consumers to Insolvency, with Mental Health Suffering the Impacts of Debt-Stress – 11th Annual BC Consumer Debt Study
January 15, 2024 08:00 ET | Sands & Associates
New BC Consumer Debt Study Findings Say Mental Health Suffering the Impacts of Debt-Stress, BC Cost of Living Increasingly Driving Consumer Insolvencies
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Commercial Chapter 11 Filings Increase 72 Percent in Calendar Year 2023
January 03, 2024 08:44 ET | Epiq
Commercial chapter 11 filings increased 72 percent to 6,569 in calendar year 2023 from the previous year’s total of 3,819, according to Epiq.
XPO Approved to Acquire 28 Service Centers as Part of Yellow’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
December 12, 2023 17:35 ET | XPO, Inc.
GREENWICH, Conn., Dec. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XPO (NYSE: XPO), a leading provider of LTL freight transportation in North America, today announced that the United States Bankruptcy Court for...
Les paiements omis et le stress financier en hausse pour de nombreux Canadiens, l’endettement lié aux cartes de crédit continue de croître
December 06, 2023 08:47 ET | Equifax Canada
Pouls du marché d’EquifaxMD Canada — Rapport trimestriel sur les tendances du crédit à la consommation TORONTO, 06 déc. 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Selon le rapport trimestriel Pouls du marché...
Missed Payments and Financial Strain Are Increasing for Many Canadians, Credit Card Debt Continues To Rise
December 06, 2023 08:47 ET | Equifax Canada
Equifax® Canada Market Pulse — Consumer Quarterly Credit Trends Report TORONTO, Dec. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Total consumer debt in Canada stood at $2.4 trillion in Q3 2023, an increase...