Hot New Social Network Platform Company, Pringo Networks, Signs 10 Social Networking Contracts

Soon to Have 2 Million Users, Pringo Dominates the Social Network Space With Platform and Accounts Valued at $150 Million Plus

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 19, 2007) - Pringo Networks (, a social networking platform, provides cutting-edge turnkey solutions to companies with more features than the leading competition and a compelling entry point pricing model. With 10 new deals, the Pringo platform will soon house over 2 million users.

"Pringo offers an exceptional non-hosted platform, putting extra flexibility and member security in the hands of the companies," said Gary Hall, president, Pringo Networks. "The unique, fully customizable modular network allows users to create their own personal, interactive experience differing from other platforms available. The signing of these deals represents only the beginning of our market dominance."

With over 400 superior features, available in 26 languages, Pringo simplifies specific user marketing to boost member retention and sales. Features include an administrator control panel, full web design, hardware, hosting, 24/7 customer service, ad-serving technology and a built-in tracking system. For a full list of features visit Pringo's website at

Pringo recently signed 10 new social networking contracts, enabling each company to create a fully integrated network specific to user needs. Companies include:

--  Digsound Inc. ( is a digital music production
    platform for the distribution, production, licensing and tracking of
    television music.
--  Senior Citizens Bureau ( is a non-profit
    source of information and discussion for senior citizen communities
    throughout the nation.
--  Wall Street Identities ( is a venture capitalist
    development tool that helps specific companies gain funding and market
    reaction in the industry.
--  944 Magazine ( is an online regional magazine for fashion,
    entertainment and lifestyle. The new interactive features and social
    network lets users customize their own 944 experience with member profiles,
    blogging, media sharing, forums and more.
--  Spiked Humor ( is a media sharing network where
    members can post media, chat and comment on media information.
--  Buddy U is a college social network geared to keep colleges, parents
    and students connected with each other. The site is under development.
--  VeterNet ( is a veterinarian and pet owner network
    where owners can go to get advice, supplies and products. It's a source
    where veterinarians can get school and industry information. This site is
    under development.
--  Yokohama Tires ( sells choice tires of every
    caliber. With a new networking element, tire buying will be more
    interactive. This site is under development.
--  NewPalCity ( is a free online dating and social
    community with more added features than ever. This site is under
--  Industry Grind ( is a magazine, television,
    radio, event and networking website for members and non-members. This site
    is under development.

ABOUT PRINGO.COM was created in 2002 when two visionaries saw the potential of the Internet to be a gathering place for individuals around the world to communicate and share common interests. After collecting thousands of domain names and building each site from scratch, Harvard Young and Nouriel Yazdinian's idea was to create a scalable and fully extendable platform that would allow new features to be added on without interrupting existing website functions. Pringo currently has over 400 features and is continually adding new ones, all of which can be added to current or new websites and be in the market place in just weeks' time. The Pringo philosophy centers on a unique vision and innovative technology that utilizes the best software to help clients penetrate their particular market and stay current with the fast-moving pace of the Internet.

Contact Information: CONTACT: Perrin Cox Terpin Communications (310) 821-6100 ext. 106