Ottmar Liebert's New CD 'Dune'

Haunting Southwest Border-Country Flamenco Gets Funky Spring and Summer Tour Dates Announced

'No rain in this music, just poetic sunshine at midnight' - Culture Court

SANTA ROSA, Calif., May 3, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There is a change in the weather and sound for Ottmar Liebert's new release entitled 'Dune.' Magic men are said to be drawn to the desert sands. Sometimes they come as sculptors like Christo that put up strange and beautiful environments that inspire.  Sometimes they come as Native American medicine men or old Japanese Kyoto masters to meditate and postulate.  And sometimes, just plain and simple great artists disguised as guitar players.  Liebert's new release "Dune" sits firmly in the crosshairs of it all.  Random beauty – airy, rhythmic and sometimes funky; sounds to put you inside of full and empty spaces, at the same time.  Ottmar is always exceptionally brilliant and mysterious, but....  

Ottmar has been nominated for 5 Grammy's and has multiple Gold and Platinum records (  He has sold millions of records across the globe.  This skilled practitioner of contemporary flamenco guitar is always a surprise.  He plays with lots of textures in this set – contrasting traditional and electric instruments and adding accordion, Memphis bass lines, trumpets and a drum machine – in addition to lots of percussion.  This release features Ottmar on acoustic and electric guitars; Jon Gagan on acoustic upright bass, electric bass guitars, and keyboards, including clavinet;  Char Rothschild on accordion;  Robby Rothschild on percussion (Chris Steele on Track 14).

Ottmar adds "I'm following the idea of contrasting traditional and electric instruments like we did on the  'Opium' release.  There are also beautiful treatments and sound design by Andrew Gaskins on three tracks. For the opening track,  'Fallin In' (to a dream), for example, I sent Andrew single notes and chords I played on my guitar, which he then stretched and manipulated.  (See Ottmar's Diary on this project at

Ottmar plays with an Arabic scale he found on the internet on track #3 'Horse', switches between rumba and a 6/8 beat on 'Shadow', records a beautiful piece in 5/4, track #11 'Five Clouds, Lenticular', and trades melodies with the accordion on track 9, 'Smoke' (while Jon plays three basses and a clavinet) -  the influences on this project cover the globe,  and take you there.  

Ottmar: "I wanted to play guitar melodies that sounded 'sung'. For some reason I kept thinking about old jazz and pop crooners. So I sang almost every melody first and then figured out how to play it on guitar."

15 tracks... 13 really, as the first and the last are brief mood locators, in-and-out within the mysterious world of night and shadow. Flamenco noir, a dreamscape... Track 02, 'Shadow', Track 03, 'Horse', Tracks 04 and 05, 'Bridge 1 and 2', and so on as the narrative declares its nocturnal mystery. A horse, a desert, a moon... swirling sand and spiraling smoke and there it is, "the place of power", the Dune.

That's the thing about Ottmar – as you listen, the environment seems to change and the music projects you into a different space. The dreamscape starts and creates room for your own 'Dune' encounter.

Time to come play in the sand with us this Spring and Summer / Tour Dates:


 May 2 - Wednesday  Jonathan's  Oqunquit, ME
 May 3 - Thursday  Choco Church Arts Center  Bath, ME
 May 4 - Friday  Bull Run  Shirley, ME
 May 5 - Saturday  Boulton Center  Bayshore, NY
 May 6 - Sunday  Narrows Center For The Arts  Fall River, MA
 May 9 - Wednesday  Birchmere  Alexandria, VA
 May 10 - Thursday  Colonial Theatre  Phoenixville, PA
 May 11 - Friday  BB Kings  New York, NY
 May 12 - Saturday  Infinity Hall  Norfolk, CT
 May 13 - Sunday  Tupelo Music Hall  Londonberry, NH
 May 16 - Wednesday  Dakota Jazz Club  Minneapolis, MN
 May 17 - Thursday  Dakota Jazz Club  Minneapolis, MN
 May 18 - Friday  Old Town School  Chicago, IL
 July 24 - Tuesday  Bing Crosby Theater  Spokane, WA
 July 25 - Wednesday  Season's Performance Hall  Yakima, WA
 July 26 - Thursday  Tower Theater  Bend, OR
 July 27 - Friday  Alberto Rose Theater  Portland, OR
 July 28 - Saturday  The Triple Door  Seattle, WA
 July 29 - Sunday  The Triple Door  Seattle, WA
 July 30 - Monday  Rogue Theater  Grants Pass, OR
 August 1 - Wednesday  Napa Valley Opera House  Napa, CA
 August 2 - Thursday  Yoshi's  San Francisco, CA
 August 3 - Friday  Yoshi's  San Francisco, CA
 August 4 - Saturday  Yoshi's  San Francisco, CA
 August 5 - Sunday  Orange County Fair  Costa Mesa, CA
 August 6 - Monday  Soho  Santa Barbara, CA
 August 8 - Wednesday  Harlow's  Sacramento, CA
 August 9 - Thursday  Livermore PAC  Livermore, CA
 August 11 - Saturday  Anthology  San Diego, CA
 August 12 - Sunday  Anthology  San Diego, CA
 August 18 - Saturday  Soiled Dove  Denver, CO
 August 19 - Sunday  Belly Up  Aspen, CO
 August 22 - Wednesday  Granada Theater  Dallas, TX
 August 24 - Friday  One World Theater  Austin, TX
 August 25 - Saturday  Dosey Doe  Houston, TX
 August 26 - Sunday  Dosey Doe  Houston, TX

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