BBS and Unplugged Performance Release Tesla Model S Upgraded Wheel Set

Legendary F1 Wheel Maker BBS Partners With Unplugged Performance for Exclusive Tesla Wheel

HAWTHORNE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2014) - Unplugged Performance, the leading Tesla-focused performance organization, announces the UP-01 wheel upgrade package co-developed and produced by world renown wheel manufacturer BBS. With over 40 years of experience the Germany-based BBS has a rich history including over 20 years of supplying Ferrari's Formula 1 team as well as having been a trusted official original equipment wheel supplier for Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and other world class car manufacturers.

"The long term vision for Unplugged Performance is to fill the role as the AMG equivalent for Tesla owners. Great brands require world class engineering partners and for our first wheel, the UP-01, we have followed the same path as Ferrari, Porsche and BMW in selecting BBS as our wheel supplier and partner," said Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance. "The Tesla Model S manages to be one of today's most exciting driver's cars, despite its hefty curb weight. This combination creates a unique need for an extremely durable, rigid and high performance wheel. Understanding our requirements, we worked with BBS to develop a wheel program at their German headquarters that was able to reach these high standards."

"We recognized a unique opportunity to introduce BBS's industry leading wheel technology to a new audience in partnering with Unplugged Performance for the Tesla Model S," said Craig Donnelly, President of BBS of America, Inc. "The Tesla Model S is a clear leader in modern innovation and performance. Tesla's fresh approach to high performance brings with it unique characteristics that we took into consideration when working with Unplugged on the project."

The BBS produced UP-01 wheel for Unplugged Performance is optimized for all aspects of everyday use and is designed to exceed the performance and durability of the original equipment Tesla Model S P85+ wheel. BBS's advanced flow-forming technology provides a 2 piece wheel design that manages to be stronger and yet also brings improved performance and efficiency by keeping the outer areas of the wheel extremely light. This flow-formed technology is the same production process that BBS has utilized in applications for Ferrari such as the official Ferrari F430 Challenge wheel and includes supercar-grade materials such as titanium fasteners.

Most importantly, the higher performance aspect of the wheel was kept in balance with the extreme durability requirements that everyday use of a Model S demands. Not only was the wheel subjected to 2,000,000 cycles of cornering load rotary testing (far exceeding the 200,000 cycle TUV requirement), the wheel is also intentionally over-engineered to support 2145lbs per wheel which equals 8580lbs total, nearly the weight of two Teslas. The end result of this extreme engineering translates into a wheel that is more resistant to damage, transmits less vibration into the cabin and provides a smoother ride.

Unplugged Performance is a Tesla exclusive company and naturally the UP-01 wheels are engineered for the Tesla Model S and nothing else. Tesla owners often suffer from curb rash on the front wheels due to the car's extremely wide dimensions. As a result, every set of Unplugged Performance UP-01 wheels comes with integrated design stainless steel wheel protectors that serve as an effective first line of defense. If the wheel comes in contact with a curb, the protector can be easily removed without tools, without deflating the tires and another protector can be installed in minutes. In fact, a bonus replacement wheel protector is also included free with every wheel set. Additionally the wheels come with Tesla original equipment center caps which can be used to maintain a Tesla-branded look or optionally the BBS center caps are included free of charge as well to allow two distinctive styles. The wheels are designed in 21 inch Tesla Model S sizes that intentionally allow any Model S owner to swap their factory 21" tires over to the UP-01 wheels without the need to buy new tires. Regular Model S 245/35ZR21 size tires as well as specialized P85+ staggered tires with 265/35ZR21 both will fit correctly on the UP-01 wheels. The UP-01 wheels are produced hub centric for perfect fit on the Tesla Model S and accept the standard Tesla lug nuts as well as factory TPMS sensors.

Pricing for the Unplugged Performance BBS UP-01 collaboration wheels are set at a package price of $3995 per set which includes 4 wheels plus 5 stainless steel integrated wheel protectors and 8 center caps consisting of both BBS and Tesla options. All wheels are finished in an exclusive Unplugged Performance Asteroid Graphite coating that is designed to look great with all Tesla factory Model S paint colors.

The first 10 sets begin special pre-order on October 6th and will have an early shipping date guaranteed on or before November 30th. The wheels are available for worldwide delivery.

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About Unplugged Performance -
Unplugged Performance is the world's first tuning company created exclusively for Tesla's Model S. Mercedes has AMG, BMW has M Performance and now Tesla has Unplugged Performance. Using their own Model S P85+ development vehicle, Unplugged produces an exclusive range of premium upgrades to give an enhanced identity to the Model S. Improving on perfection is no easy task and to do so Unplugged products are professionally designed, prototyped and manufactured in house in Hawthorne, California. Stand apart at the Supercharger with an Unplugged Performance equipped Model S.

Unplugged Performance is a division of Bulletproof Automotive, LLC.

About BBS -
BBS is the world's most well-known brand for light alloy wheels. This is confirmed by awards from leading German and international automotive trade magazines. Careful controls guarantee the quality of products made by BBS, beginning with the heat treatment up to the surface finish. Each wheel produced is artificially aged. This is crucial for the strength of the aluminum. BBS only uses environmentally friendly coatings. The coating method guarantees the OE quality of leading premium car manufacturers.

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Unplugged Performance UP-01 by BBS for Tesla Model S Unplugged Performance UP-01 Wheel Package in Asteroid Graphite, designed exclusively for the Tesla Unplugged Performance Model S P85+ with UP-01 wheels by BBS Unplugged Performance light weight and ultra rigid UP-01 wheel developed in Germany