Japan's Premium Tuning Parts Maker Overtake Opens to Worldwide Customers

Bulletproof Automotive Joins Overtake for International Expansion

HAWTHORNE, CA --(Marketwired - April 23, 2015) - The rapid ascent of Overtake Japan can be best explained by the brand's unyielding focus on quality and uncompromising usage of exotic materials for maximum performance benefit. Overtake produces their parts from the two most premium materials in existence: dry carbon and titanium. The industry's more common choice of fiberglass and stainless steel are simply not an option for Overtake. The extensive and exquisite execution using titanium and dry carbon materials give Overtake items a feeling of not just performance but performance art.

In short time Overtake has already achieved two of the top honors for any Japanese tuner: they were featured as the cover car of Japan's top tuning publication, Option Magazine, and selected by Japan's top wheel manufacturer, RAYS, as the Tokyo Auto Salon debut car for the legendary TE37 Ultra wheel. As a complete car, the Overtake GT-R sheds more than 400lbs, yet retains street driving durability and usability. However, Overtake's products are engineered to be used individually or in any combination a customer chooses; everything from the 15 layer solid-carbon diamond-machined GT-R emblem to the race-derived suspension, are all offered for purchase independently.

The Overtake brand concept is as rich in details as the parts they produce. Published on www.overtake.ne.jp, the Overtake manifesto establishes Overtake as an anonymous brand, operating in a world where celebrity and marketing often overshadow product quality. Overtake's unique structure manages to not only shift the focus to product quality, but it also creates a flexible system for anonymous designers, engineers and partners to contribute their talents without raising attention to themselves or complicating industry relationships. With anonymity comes freedom, so it is no surprise that Overtake products are all category leaders in quality and design. For example, the Overtake x Sachs suspension shares a strikingly close resemblance to what is featured on the Japanese professional racing series, Super GT's vehicles as well as the Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune's suspension.

One of the few known partners involved with Overtake is Powerhouse Amuse. The Overtake x Amuse co-branded exhaust system is a tour-de-force that incorporates Amuse's proprietary STTI blend of titanium, as well as a host of special manufacturing details that are exclusively found on Overtake exhausts. The top of the line exhaust system is only rivaled in quality and beauty by another Overtake x Amuse collaboration, the full titanium intake manifold. As the first of its kind in the industry, the manifold could pass as a piece of engine bay jewelry, if not for the fact that it provides such a hefty boost of midrange power and response. With these products already used to extract more than 1800 horsepower in some GT-Rs, it is easy to say they are more than just art pieces.

To further Overtake's growth, Bulletproof Automotive will now be participating as both an investment partner and international distributor. Bulletproof's own Overtake equipped GT-R demo car debuted at the international SEMA 2014 auto show to critical acclaim. Feedback from SEMA validated a strong global demand for the highest levels of quality that Overtake represents. On the distribution side, as the exclusive overseas partner for Powerhouse Amuse, Bulletproof already has experience in premium products and will continue that role for the Overtake product lineup.

"I am grateful that our company has remained a trusted resource and partner for thousands of R35 GT-R customer projects worldwide. Our expansive history has provided us direct experience with a wide range of GT-R tuning parts; Overtake's parts are simply on another level. We have a history of investing in product development with other companies in Japan, and as a result we've previously brought some great products to fruition. We are excited to continue our tradition of supporting innovation through our partnership with Overtake. We look forward to expanding Overtake's product line and spreading the Overtake ownership experience to new enthusiasts" said Ben Schaffer, President of Bulletproof Automotive.

Starting May 1st 2015, Overtake will offer English-speaking support and distribution into all global markets. For dealer inquires and for retail sales in English please email overseas@overtake.ne.jp for support. Overtake also welcomes further anonymous designers, engineers, manufacturing partners and investors from around the world to contribute to the design and engineering of superior products for a variety of vehicle platforms. Interested contributors are welcomed to reach out to contribute@overtake.ne.jp in English or Japanese, where anonymity will be protected.

Visit BulletproofAutomotive.com and Overtake.ne.jp to learn more.

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Bulletproof Automotive, LLC was established in 2000 and is an industry leader in the distribution of high end automotive tuning and customization products. Bulletproof has developed a following of millions of likeminded car enthusiasts who believe in quality, innovation and authenticity. Each year the company produces award winning vehicles to demonstrate the creativity, quality and innovation that speaks for Bulletproof's ideals. That same DNA is regularly found within Bulletproof's client's cars, which are known for reaching the heights of the industry on the race track, the streets and the car shows of the world. Bulletproof Automotive is an international organization with sales routes worldwide and holding offices in Los Angeles and Bangkok.

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Overtake products helped Bulletproof acheive huge weight savings and a stunning appearance Bulletproof GT-R SPL utilizing the complete Overtake Japan carbon fiber bodywork Overtake carbon fiber brake system installed on Bulletproof GT-R SPL Bulletproof GT-R SPL with Overtake titanium intake manifold Overtake x Amuse titanium intake manifold for Nissan GT-R Overtake x Sachs suspension system Like Powerhouse Amuse, Overtake has partnered with Bulletproof Automotive for international reach Japan's hottest premium tuning brand establishes partnership with Bulletproof Automotive Overtake carbon fiber GT-R Overtake x Amuse premium detailing is pure titanium artwork Overtake x Amuse Titanium Exhaust System - Distributed by Bulletproof Automotive Overtake Japan partners with Bulletproof Automotive Overtake Japan Full Dry Carbon Nissan GT-R Overtake Japan Carbon Emblem