Unplugged Performance 750+HP Tesla Model X SUV Concept Debut

Independent Tesla Evangelist and Car Developer Unplugged Performance Expands Lineup to Include Model X

HAWTHORNE, CA--(Marketwired - August 04, 2015) - Unplugged Performance, the leading independent Tesla-focused designer and vehicle producer, announces its expansion into the upcoming Tesla Model X SUV. After critical acclaim on their Model S complete car program, the next frontier for the Unplugged Performance brand is the Model X.

An evolution of the successful ingredients used in the Unplugged Performance Model S continue in this preview of the forthcoming complete Unplugged Performance Model X. Firstly, an exterior re-design creates visual distinction. This provides more than just a hint at the performance oozing from Tesla's world-leading technology and platform. As Tesla continues to gain popularity, the once unique sighting of a Model S has become ubiquitous in many areas. Unplugged Performance's distinctive vehicles clearly stand apart at the Supercharger, the valet and silently ripping up the asphalt daily.

Beauty is more than skin deep, and the recipe for all Unplugged Performance vehicles just begins with sporty looks. Following cue from the current Unplugged Performance Model S, you can expect the same focus on the Model X, which takes aim at subtle holistic enhancements of the complete driving experience. Targeted areas include the use of exotic materials for weight reduction, adjusted suspension settings, improved headlight performance, sportier braking, upgraded interior materials, performance wheels and a long list of customizable options that allow the discerning owner to tailor their experience and personal expression.

"Unplugged Performance exists for the sole purpose of introducing Tesla vehicles in a different light. We aim to convince the most demanding car enthusiasts of an electric future. For those that have held out on Tesla ownership, we wish to challenge their perceptions with something exciting made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. For those already bought into the Tesla dream, we wish to energize them with a new top of the line alternative made uniquely for them. In both cases, we do so by blending race car-derived technology with old school bespoke coachwork ideals," said Ben Schaffer, CEO of Unplugged Performance.

Unplugged Performance maintains a design philosophy as to not interfere with Tesla's electronics, batteries, drivetrain and warranty of key components. All Unplugged Performance products maintain their own independent warranty and are made from ultra-high quality carbon fiber, OEM-grade urethane and other premium materials. Unplugged Performance products are designed, engineered and produced in California. Unplugged Performance provides complete vehicle sales as well as individual upgrades for pre-existing Tesla owners.

Web: www.UnpluggedPerformance.com
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About Unplugged Performance -- www.unpluggedperformance.com
Unplugged Performance is the world's first tuning company created exclusively for Tesla. Mercedes has AMG, BMW has M Performance and now Tesla owners can turn to Unplugged Performance. Unplugged Performance produces an exclusive range of premium upgrades to give an enhanced identity to the Model S and Model X. Improving on perfection is no easy task and to do so Unplugged products are professionally designed, prototyped and manufactured in house in Hawthorne, California. Stand apart at the Supercharger with an Unplugged Performance equipped Tesla.
Unplugged Performance is a division of Bulletproof Automotive, LLC.

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