Shellback Targets Commercial Fleet Managers with Intelligent Cell Phone Cases and Monitoring Business Services that Allow Any Company to Enforce Cell Phone Policies and Increase Driver Safety

For a fleet of any size, an enforceable smartphone distracted driving prevention and safety compliance program can cut losses related to vehicle accidents by up to 25% and save lots of money on insurance

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 9, 2017) - Shellback Business Services announced a new Smartphone Safe and Live Undistracted Monitoring App ( for commercial fleet managers of cars, vans, buses and trucks that will remove the temptation for drivers to take their eyes off the road due to distracted driving by storing their phones out-of-sight inside a special type of cell phone case called a Shellback Smartphone Safe.

Shellback Smartphone Safe ROI
"A low monthly fee costs just pennies a day, but provides a massive ROI as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with your existing telematics solution," said Michael Maguire, Shellback's CEO and Founder. "And, if it prevents just one accident or provides indisputable evidence in defense of a negligent entrustment claim, the Shellback solution will yield a huge return-on-investment for our clients and any organization that allows individuals to drive while performing company business."

Shellback Smartphone Safes
The Shellback Smartphone Safe provides intelligent cell phone storage and includes a cloud-based cell phone app, called the Live Undistracted Monitoring App for both Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones (all Androids), which provides guaranteed confirmation that the phone is not a driving distraction or a company liability.

Shellback Smartphone Safes are lightweight, easy-to-carry and unlock, yet are very effective at improving driver behavior by requiring them to keep their eyes on the road while driving and to reinforce the policy that the only safe time to look at their phone is when drivers are parked in a safe location. The MSRP for the Shellback Smart Phone Safe starts at $20, which includes the Live Undistracted Monitoring App, and can be negotiated down for large purchase orders.

Shellback Live Undistracted Monitoring App
The Shellback Live Undistracted Monitoring App uses a centralized database so that administrators can manage multiple fleets at multiple locations. Fleet administrators can add or delete cell phones and users from the system, create regional teams of drivers and view daily, weekly, monthly and annual cell phone safety compliance reports and statistics.

The Live Undistracted Monitoring App is easy-to-install, simple-to-administer and provides commercial fleet operators with real time reports to ensure that their cell phone safety policies are being followed and that all state and federal laws are being obeyed.

Shellback Business Services Call Center
Another option is to outsource the Smartphone Safe Alerts and Compliance Reporting to Shellback Business Services, which is a large fleet monitoring call center, so that fleet dispatchers can focus on their core operations. The Shellback Live Undistracted Monitoring Service ranges from $15 to $5 per cell phone case per month based on monthly alert and reporting volume.

Potential Shellback Smartphone Safe Accident Prevention
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), on-the-job crashes cost employers more than:

  • $24,500 per crash
  • $150,000 per injury
  • $3.6 million per fatality

About Shellback Business Services
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