CCI Signs Fleet Cell Phone Safety Agreement with Shellback Smartphone Safes to Implement a New Driver Safety Program that Eliminates the Cell Phone as a Driving Distraction

Smartphone Safes allow CCI's fleet operations to monitor all 400 of its electric, gas, and water utility vehicles and ensure that cell phones are stored out-of-sight and not causing distracted driving

AUGUSTA, GA--(Marketwired - Jan 31, 2017) - Contract Callers, Inc. (CCI), a field services outsourcing company for utility companies, announced today that it signed a contract with Shellback Business Services to deploy more than 400 "Smartphone Safes" to eliminate the possibility that their fleet of meter service technicians will use their cell phones while driving. CCI's fleet safety managers in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas will issue one Smartphone Safe to each driver, which will require drivers to lock personal and business cell phones inside the Smartphone Safe while their vehicle is in motion. Should a phone call or text ding come through, drivers can quickly park in a safe location, open the Smartphone Safe, and use the phone in a safe manner. 

"Cell phones are a major concern for anyone that manages a fleet of drivers who are constantly tempted by phone calls, text messages or apps," said Dennis McCabe, CCI's Director of Operations and Fleet Services. "We operate in multiple states and have implemented a strict cell phone policy with zero tolerance, but enforcing our policy and complying with each state's requirements used to be extremely difficult and costly."

"We have worked with several major fleet telematics providers like Fleetmatics and Fleetio -- and they helped -- but, none of them could help us verify that the phone was not causing driver distraction," McCabe continued. "This is precisely why CCI decided to partner with Shellback to test these new units and confirm the functionality of their hardware and software. The two vehicles that we used to trial the Smartphone Safe prototypes led to very focused driving and it became crystal clear that this solution will enable us to begin enforcing our cell phone safety policy without question." 

"Shellback's new Smartphone Safes are such a simple way to verify compliance with our cell phone policy," said Tim Wertz, CCI's President. "Like our utility clients - CCI's fleet managers have a tenacious focus on safety. Our partnership with Shellback demonstrates our commitment to keeping our employees and customers safe. For the first time, we can easily verify and document that their phones are not distracting our drivers. This was an easy decision for us to make and I know that all of our fleet managers are very excited about this innovative safety solution." 

"Shellback worked closely with CCI to fine tune a very simple solution that solves a major challenge for fleet managers and operators, who can now receive real time alerts about non-compliant drivers and take action to prevent accidents. Historical data also can prove the cell phone was not the root cause of any incident or accident," said Michael Maguire, Shellback's CEO. "Please call us at (215) 628-3353 to learn how our affordable, portable, intelligent Smartphone Safes will allow your business fleet to begin enforcing its cell phone safety policy, prevent accidents, reduce costs, lower liability, and save lives." 

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