Front Page PR Offers Hurricane Harvey Victims and Evacuees Free Crowdfunding Marketing Services to Help Them Launch Crowdfunding Campaigns to Fund Hurricane Recovery Expenses

The Crowdfunding PR firm is offering free training classes to help families, friends, businesses, emergency first responders, and cities learn how to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Aug 29, 2017) - Front Page PR (, a leading Texas-based crowdfunding marketing and PR agency, announced that the firm is offering free crowdfunding consulting services to any person, family, business, school, church, community, chamber of commerce or local government organization that was affected by Hurricane Harvey and wants some free help writing a professional crowdfunding profile to raise money to pay for food, water, solar generators, temporary cell phones, mobile cell phone towers, boats, emergency first responder rescue services and all storm-related cleanup and repair expenses.

Front Page PR will use its extensive crowdfunding expertise and a network of millions crowdfunding campaign supporters to help raise money for all of the victims that were impacted by this incredibly destructive storm to help these people get back on their feet as soon as humanly possible!

"Living here in Austin and personally watching the power and utter destruction of this storm was a horrible experience that is really hard to put into words. It is one thing to see the videos and pictures on TV, but imagine what it would be like to lose everything you have, except your life, and then having to live through the aftermath of this devastating hurricane," said Robert Hoskins, Front Page PR's CEO. "Here in Austin, we are used to heavy rains and flooding, but the people who have homes and businesses in Houston, Rockport, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Bastrop, La Grange, Fayette, Katy and thousands of other Texas cities and towns were totally obliterated and flooded with no means to seek financial help other than the crowdfunding process."

"Hundreds of thousands of families desperately need America's help to raise enough money to help pay for the massive amount of damage that was inflicted by Hurricane Harvey and help these people begin the rebuilding process," Hoskins continued. "To do our part and give back to the community where we live, Front Page PR will be offering anyone in Texas free crowdfunding consulting services to help them create well-written crowdfunding profiles and help them market their fundraising campaigns via our million-member crowdfunding social media networks."

How to Start a Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Crowdfunding Campaign:

1. Visit Front Page PR's free online crowdfunding training classes to get a basic understanding of "How to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign" at:

2. Once you've read through the training class materials, feel free to contact Robert Hoskins, Crowdfunding PR, at (512) 627-6622 with questions or for personal crowdfunding advice.

3. If you know someone in Texas that needs help with fundraising hurricane relief, please forward them a copy of this press release and we will do the rest.

Front Page PR encourages every crowdfunding marketing company that works in the crowdfunding industry to join us in supporting this crowdfunding effort by using the power of their social media networks to spread the word for this initiative and help us reach benevolent, caring and compassionate people who are willing to be good Samaritans by donating $25 to $100 to help these families and businesses begin the lengthy hurricane recovery process.

Links to all Texas hurricane recovery crowdfunding campaigns will be listed on a central "Hurricane Harvey Recovery and Disaster Relief Crowdfunding Campaigns for Texas" landing page that will allow all marketing efforts to drive people to a single hurricane relief landing page where people can find crowdfunding campaigns and make donations to individual families and businesses via their listed crowdfunding campaigns.

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