Quantela Deploys Smart City Technology to Combat COVID-19 in the USA

Sioux Falls to be first city in the USA to deploy Quantela’s Smart City technology to meet the ongoing challenges of tackling the Coronavirus outbreak

MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smart Cities innovator, Quantela, today announced the first US deployment of their Coronavirus Emergency Response (CoVER) platform – an AI, IoT and cloud-based solution that enables local and regional governments to employ the vast amounts of data within their systems toward mitigating the impacts of the virus.

Deployed in multiple countries around the world, CoVER is an end-to-end solution for managing, tracking, communicating and responding to COVID-19. Deployment of this solution will enable state agencies the U.S. government, as well as countries around the world to boost their ability to monitor, forecast and respond to the challenges posed by the coronavirus.

“As Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the rest of the country opens up, people will be heading back to work and out to businesses such as bars, restaurants, and hair salons, so it is vital to keep a steady eye on how the situation evolves at a local level,” says Aaron Simkin, VP Strategic Partnerships & Alliances Americas at Quantela. “The CoVER platform gives cities the ability to monitor real-time data from across their hospitals, emergency services and municipal agencies and get out in front of potential problems. In the face of a new virus like COVID-19, data can help save lives.”

CoVER runs from an intuitive Command and Control Center dashboard that leverages a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) engine. The platform processes data from the outbreak, analyzing and visualizing it to identify and highlight important patterns and trends while also monitoring the spread to anticipate subsequent breakout areas so that appropriate mitigation strategies can be taken.

“Sioux Falls was briefly one of the brightest COVID-19 hotspots in the U.S., but our data and modeling informed our decision making, which allowed us to respond much more strategically instead of reactively. We gained tremendous insights and were able to introduce and implement a phased and responsible strategy to help our local economy start the recovery process,” said Mike Grigsby, Director of Innovation and Technology for the City of Sioux Falls. “Going forward, we want to do even more with the data we have and CoVER gives our GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analysts the tools to build out the needed dashboards more quickly so that we can make more informed and effective decisions. This will help Sioux Falls better understand and adapt to our new normal.”

Quantela’s platform can be tailored to the needs of each locality and deployed in as few as three days. Government and health officials can respond to COVID-19 outbreaks more effectively by maximizing resources, identifying hotspots and mitigating infections. The platform enables officials and health workers to drill down from macro-level data (across states, counties, etc.) to more local analysis.

To ensure the city of Sioux Falls enjoys the full scalability offered by the CoVER platform, Quantela utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS). The flexible and agile architecture of the AWS Cloud allows fast access to the city’s data in the cloud and enables CoVER to be quickly tailored to the needs of each locality.

CoVER will enable Sioux Falls authorities to input data from across a variety of field operations such as medical resource tracking, testing kits and results, outbreak locations, quarantine locations and duration, and critical asset locations. Any data source that influences their time-critical and operational decision-making can be fed into the system to provide increased insight and control.

“In the face of a possible second wave this Fall, implementing the CoVER platform can help us to better monitor detailed patterns and trends in our data, enabling us to formulate appropriate responses before things reach a crisis point.” adds Grigsby.

Empowered with this data, users can ascertain how to best deploy resources to respond to outbreaks and infection clusters (with real-time notifications being sent to health workers in a particular area, for example.)

“The great American recovery will mean cities and states carefully moving through stages of reopening and CoVER enables local government to better monitor the progress and success through the steps needed to achieve that recovery,” concludes Simkin.

About Quantela Inc. 
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