Now You Can Enjoy Bubble Tea from Anywhere; Chowbus Launches in Australia

Asian food delivery app Chowbus is now available in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra

SYDNEY, Australia, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everyone has that one friend who has all the inside scoop on the most amazing undiscovered restaurants. Now, with its arrival in Australia, food delivery app Chowbus makes you that friend. From the spicy noodles of Chong Qing Street Noodle, to the fragrant Pad Thai of Do Dee Paidang Thai Restaurant, Australia’s best authentic Asian dishes are just a tap away. Today Chowbus announced that its delivery services are now available in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. The launch across Australia marks the company’s first international launch outside of North America.

Australian residents can now order delivery through the Chowbus app from 300+ of the country’s top historic Chinatown and local restaurants in each city. The app is also constantly refreshed with more restaurant choices in real-time such as:

  • By Korea, ABC Chicken, Juicy Bao, and HappyLemon in Melbourne,
  • Do Dee Paidang Thai restaurant, Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Great Dragon Hot Pot, and Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant in Sydney,
  • And Yangguofu Malatang, Chong Qing Street Noodle, Tak Kee Roast Inn, and Superemoji in Canberra.

Chowbus hand-picks restaurants, working with the owners to select only their best dishes, so users know they’re enjoying only the most authentic and mouth-watering foods. And for those who want to experience multiple flavors in one meal, Chowbus offers a distinctive “bundling” feature that lets users order from multiple restaurants in a single delivery. Additionally, customers with a Chowbus Plus membership have access to exclusive rewards and free delivery without any restriction on distance. All Chowbus customers can try out Chowbus Plus free for the first month.

“Australia has a rich Asian food culture and history, and our goal is to connect more people with the best dishes that their Asian restaurants have to offer. But that starts with supporting our restaurant partners,” said Linxin Wen, co-founder and CEO of Chowbus. “We are committed to true partnerships with restaurants and provide high-quality photography and marketing insights to help them grow with no hidden fees. We don’t succeed unless they do.”

This international launch builds on the momentum that Chowbus has gained over the past year. After securing a $33 million Series A funding round this July, the company now works with more than 3,000+ restaurants in 27 cities across North America and Australia, including Vancouver, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Chowbus is poised to continue expanding its global market footprint and bring its food-delivery service to help food lovers explore authentic Asian flavors and help restaurants grow their business.

“We love Chowbus because it is one of the user-friendly food delivery apps,” said Gary Gui, director of Taste of Lan Japanese Dining. “The ability to bundle dishes from different restaurants at the same time is also so unique because it saves money for the customers and also benefits nearby businesses."

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*additional cut-off times for ordering may apply to food lovers in the suburbs and some areas of the city.

About Chowbus

Chowbus is a food delivery platform providing high-quality, authentic Asian food, that empowers local independent restaurants and stores with the technology, tools, and marketing to grow their business. Founded in 2016 by chief executive officer Linxin Wen and chief technology officer Suyu Zhang, Chowbus helps people discover local Asian cuisine that isn’t easily found on traditional third-party delivery apps.

Chowbus provides a curated list of high-quality mom-and-pop restaurants and stores (paired with real food pictures), a unique bundling feature that allows users to order from multiple restaurants in a single delivery with no added fees, and reliable delivery service.

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