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Blast Chillers Market Statistics by Application (Hotel & Restaurant, Supermarket, Catering Services, Bakery & Confectionary), Product (Reach-in [By Capacity {Below 50KG, 50 – 100KG}], Roll-in [By Capacity {Below 100KG, 100 – 200KG, Above 200KG}]), Country Outlook, & Competitive Market Share.

Pune, India, Feb. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

The blast chillers market is poised to expand at a lucrative CAGR during the forecast period. When food preparations are cooled, they can be frozen and stored in a refrigerating storage system or a cold chamber. This enables mass-production at the same time cutting down on supply costs, boosting productivity of the food & beverage industry.

These benefits associated with cooling and refrigerating systems are expected to enhance the international demand for blast chillers amongst all-sized food & beverage manufacturers and commercial kitchens. Apart from preventing bacterial growth in food preparations, blast chillers also aid in the preservation of organoleptic qualities such as the taste, flavor, texture, smell, and appearance of food products.

These equipment are also an indispensable tool for bakery and confectionery products such as pastries & cakes as they can quickly solidify the icings, jellies, and mousse preparations. The following 7 trends have been encouraging the expansion of the global blast chillers market size:

Penetration of large food retailing chains and supermarkets in APAC

The Asia Pacific blast chillers market outlook is expected to register a high growth rate through the upcoming years and the industry share from the region is expected to surpass $850 million by 2026.  The high rate of demand is fostered by the emergence of large food retailing chains, supermarkets, and hypermarkets across the region.

Numerous leading retailers including Avenue Supermarkets Limited, Amazon, and Walmart have been focusing on geographic expansion across the region.

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Increased utilization by catering services in Asia

The catering segment is set to attain a considerable portion of the market share over the forecast years. This trend can be accredited to the capability of blast chillers and blast freezers to ensure efficient transportation of large quantities of food to numerous locations, especially to event locations such as wedding and corporate party venues.

With the growing demand from commercial kitchens and catering services, market players have been addressing the requirements of these end-users and have been designing blast chillers specifically for their utilization. The bakery & confectionery segment has been pushing APAC blast chillers industry forecast with the demand for these cooling solutions. There is a thriving bakery industry across the region, coupled with the spiraling demand for desserts, cakes, pastries, ice-creams, and puddings.

Roll-in blast chillers across commercial enterprises

Numerous commercial enterprises including large hotel chains and warehouses in Asia Pacific have been displaying growing adoption of roll-in blast chillers and blast freezers of late. The industry trends can be attributed to strong spending power among consumers and growth of the infrastructure sector.

These blast chillers can store vast quantities of food products. They also provide higher number of shelves which improves their storage capacity. Roll-in blast chillers offer enhanced temperature control for a variety of food items, ensuring their optimal preservation.

Meat & fish processing sector in North America

North America boasts of one of the largest meat consuming populations worldwide. As such, the food processing sector in the region has extremely strong. As sea food and meat are highly susceptible to getting spoilt fast when not stored at the right temperature, blast chillers can play a crucial role in preventing losses across the meat & fish processing industry. Numerous kinds of meat and meat products need to be shipped from one location to the other on a frequent basis. This is likely to generate a growing demand for blast chillers in North America.

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Consistent growth of the restaurant industry in U.S.

The rapid rise in the number of restaurants in the U.S. has also been accelerating the North America blast chillers market outlook. The country has been registering increasing visitor footfalls & sales in the past few years across the restaurants segment.

As per the U.S. National Restaurant Association, the restaurant sector in the country was estimated to be worth over $899 billion during 2020. This can be a major favorable factor for the expansion of the North America blast chillers industry outlook.

Thousands of restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, supermarkets, and hypermarkets are present in the region. Since blast chillers can preserve food products at accurate temperatures and boost their shelf-life, they are essential equipment for the commercial kitchens in the region.

Higher consumption of outside food in Europe

The growing demand for outside food in the European region has been eliciting more demand for blast chillers from restaurants, catering services, and eateries. On an average, every family residing in the UK spends more than $60.7 on hotels and restaurants on a weekly basis. This conveys that the trend of eating out is expected to stay afloat during the next few years, as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reduces.

The changing preferences of the individuals due to their hectic work schedules have been generating increasing demand for preserved food, otherwise known as convenience food.

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Increasing Product launches across U.K.

Numerous industry participants in the UK have been focusing on the extension of their product portfolios through product launches. During February 2021, Irinox announced the launch of its new sustainable refrigerant, MutliFresh Next, which can offer upto 40% faster chilling and freezing for quicker cycles, promising zero emissions. Operators can also remotely monitor the operating data by connecting their smartphones to the FreshCloud app.

Fulgor Milano, Retigo S.R.O, Friginox, Irinox, Master-Bilt Products, Infrico SL, SMEG SPA, Williams Refrigeration, Tecnomac, Alto Shaam Inc., Victory refrigeration, Traulsen & Co., and AB Electrolux are some prominent blast chiller manufacturers globally.

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