iCRYO’s Announces 1st Annual Confference

Houston, Texas, United States, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  iCRYO today announced it will host its inaugural Elevate Conference in from April 21 – 24, 2022, in South Shore Resort and Marina in League City, TX. The event will have an open invitation to all franchisees, area developers, stakeholders, and corporate team members.

Building on their continued growth of locations in development expanded service offerings, and the company’s record for most locations opening their doors in a year, Elevate will be an opportunity for individuals to learn about what’s on the horizon for iCRYO, learn more about business tactics, and hear big names speak about the future of Health and Wellness. iCRYO is currently in talks with A-list celebrities and some of the biggest names in the business to take the stage at the inaugural event.

"We are thrilled to bring the 1st Annual iCRYO Conference "Elevate" to the brand. It is going to be an amazing weekend of team building, education, and of course some fun mixed in. This weekend will be the epitome of what the iCRYO Culture is all about,” said COO and Co-Founder, Kyle Jones. “To have all our franchisees, corporate team, vendors, and investors in the same place for an entire weekend are going to be one for the books. I look forward to the 2022 conference setting the bar for years to come!"
As health and wellness continue to lead conversations around the world, iCRYO is focused more than ever to work, learn, and provide the best services possible to current and future guests. 

iCRYO will share additional program information in future releases at iCRYO.com. 

About iCRYO
Headquartered in Houston, TX, iCRYO is setting the standard for health and wellness nationwide. As the leading franchise in the industry, iCRYO is an affordable, convenient and professional franchise that offers Cryotherapy, iV Infusions, and additional wellness services to the communities in which they are located. iCRYO offers a turnkey franchise system for business owners. Whether it be a retail location or an addition to a gym or existing business, we have the systems and comprehensive training in place to provide safe wellness services in your area. Its mission is to elevate the lifestyle of our team members and guests while raising the bar in the health and wellness market. To learn more, visit www.icryo.com

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iCRYO’s Announces 1st Annual Confference