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Xi’an, China , March 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- All American Pet Company, Inc (OTC Pink: AAPT) ("AAPT" or the "Company"), a Nevada holding corporation currently pursuing opportunities to become a player in the fourth industrial revolution via acquisitions, is pleased to announce the following updates on recent developments with the company.

September 2021: Announced acquisition of Kuora Industrial Interconnect, a company focused on industrial technology service platform based in Xi’an, China. The closing of the acquisition took place over September – October.

October 2021: The company signed a service agreement with SRAX for digital marketing, and an agreement with Donald Capital for banking support. Notarization of new directors’ appointment submitted to embassy.

November 2021: Custodian discharge filed.

December 2021: Notarization from embassy received and shareholder of Kuora Industrial Interconnect, Xi’an, officially changed to All American Pet Company, Inc, reflecting “Kuora” to be Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China, avoiding any potential risk associated with VIE structure.  Another milestone in December 2021 was the successful discharge of Custodian and cancellation of certain common stock was ordered by Court.

January 2022: Submission of documents to OTC Market for the removal of Custodian. Finalised appointment of PCAOB Auditor for AAPT – Keith K. Zhen, CPA, located in Brooklyn, NY.  China GAAP audited financials of Kuora completed.

February 2022: 333.8m common stock officially cancelled. 98m common stock issued/to be issued to strategic staffs/consultant.  Audit of AAPT and Kuora under US GAAP has commenced. Company profile re-verified with OTC Market.

Next Agenda: Name change

“We will continue our growth trajectory from where we are today. Very pleased with the milestones achieved, both in terms of corporate and business developments.” – Mr Lanwei Li, President and CEO of AAPT.

“We are entering into a new era with the finalization of various corporate actions necessary to provide the foundation for growth in the business of Kuora. The future looks bright for the AAPT Group.” – David Chong – CFO of AAPT.

About All American Pet Company, Inc (“AAPT”)

All American Pet Company, Inc., a Nevada holding company currently pursuing opportunities to become a player in the fourth industrial revolution via acquisitions. It recently completed the 100% acquisition of Kuora Industrial Interconnect, a company focused on industrial technology service platform based in Xi’an, China.

All American Pet Company, Inc., is listed and traded on the Over-the-Counter Market under the trading symbol "AAPT”.

For more information about the Company, visit:
OTC Markets Profile: https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/AAPT/profile
Website: https://www.kuora.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AAPTCo
Facebook: https://t.co/6tQ2w6fADa
LinkedIn: https://t.co/dZdpcquvZJ

About Kuora Industrial Interconnect (“Kuora”)

Established in 2018, Kuora is the most advanced industrial technology service platform in China. It currently has more than 100,000 industrial technical users and more than 1,000 technical experts onboard the platform.

Website: https://www.kuora.net/
Office: 18F-C29, Block E, Chang'an International Centre, No. 88 Nanguanzheng St., Shaanxi 710068 China

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Mr Lanwei Li,
President & CEO
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