Bored At Work Club - Is This the Most Expensive QR Code in the World?

The Bored At Work Club (BAWC) elevates QR Codes to a next level by introducing 1250 QR Code NFTs and a luxury club in the U.S.

New York, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NFT applications have been reigning in the art world since the beginning. Art NFTs are getting popular and often acquire extensive prices. However, to date, collectors purchasing NFTs are only limited to a digital platform where they buy artworks or land on digital channels. However, projects like Bored At Work Club (BAWC) aim to offer a dual experience to NFT collectors. At this luxury club, members can purchase their favorite NFT and also socialize, meet, or relax in person. The club ensures members find a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work.

What is BAWC?

The Bored At Work Club is a unique platform offering luxury club membership to NFT holders. The project offers 1,250 NFTs that are QR Codes offering lifetime membership access to BAWC. The project aims to create a physical luxury gated club that contradicts the idea of the regular NFTs. The overall project cost is around $30 – 50 million, funded by the BAWC NFT QR Code purchase. Every NFT owner can purchase these unique QR Codes through 

BAWC Incentives

Every BAWC QR Code NFT starts at 5 ETH, and it will host different incentives after a percent sale of the NFTs.

Each sell out percent will offer the following incentives:

  • 10% sell-out: The project developers will launch an online BAWC merchandise store offering apparel and other products that represent the club.
  • 25% sell-out: Approximately ten extra BAWC NFTs will be minted and airdropped to random BAWC members.
  • 50% sell-out: Every BAWC member will get private voting power to decide the U.S. State club location. 
  • 80% sell-out: The developers will purchase the land lot in the most voted state.
  • 90% sell-out: It will involve hiring a top architectural firm and releasing the club design and other renderings.
  • 100% sell-out: At this stage, BAWC development and build-out will begin. The project developers aim to launch the club in 12 - 24 months, conditional on the funding.

BAWC Amenities

The club is exclusive to 2000 VIP members with access to the 1,250 BAWC QR Code NFTs. The luxury club built on almost 100 acres of land will offer the following amenities to its members:

  • Swimming pools with jacuzzis.
  • Wellness center and gym.
  • Tennis, basketball, arcade rooms, driving range, bowling alleys, etc.
  • Luxury cafes, bars, mini shops, cigar lounges, and more

Explore luxury with a unique QR Code NFT with BAWC

The Bored At Work Club aims to become an ultimate location for NFT holders to rest and enjoy a luxurious experience. BAWC will soon be a unique destination among NFT collectors with its exclusivity and enticing amenities. The BAWC QR Code NFTs are now available on

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