Needle-Free Platelet-Rich Plasma Grows Hair Through Thulium Laser Technology

Ryan Welter, MD, Ph.D., of Regeneris Medical Boston, pioneers new hair growth technology for men and women using a novel 1,927 nm fractional thulium laser system to deliver platelet-derived growth factors, bypassing the traditional route of scalp injections

WESTWOOD, Mass., Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ryan Welter, MD, Ph.D., of Regeneris Medical Boston, has introduced a novel way to stimulate hair growth in men and women using growth factors from High Density Platelet Rich Plasma (HDPRP) introduced to the scalp via a novel 1,927 nm fractional thulium laser system bypassing the traditional route of scalp injections.

Beginning with a 60 cc blood draw, highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma isolate is obtained in the lab. The patient's platelets are activated to begin the migration of alpha granules from within the platelets to fuse with the exterior platelet membrane. Platelet alpha granules are rich in potent growth factors that typically help with healing after trauma. However, many of these same growth factors have been shown in clinical studies to stimulate hair growth.  Once the alpha granules reach the membrane of the platelets, they shed the hair stimulating growth factors into the surrounding plasma, where they are free to interact with other cells, including the intricate cells lining hair follicles.  

Getting the growth factors to the hair follicle has been the primary hurdle of platelet-rich plasma, which has typically been done by needle injection. Dr. Welter and his team overcame this through the use of a 1,927 nm fractional thulium laser, which exfoliates dermal tissue on the scalp and creates micropores that can absorb the plasma isolate rich in HD-PRP growth factors.

"The Thulium laser has a higher coefficient for water than conventional 1,550 nm fractional lasers, which lends to a greater ability to precisely target the epidermis with a penetration of 200 micrometers, lending to better platelet isolate absorption, which ultimately results in improved follicular stimulation and hair growth," said Dr. Welter about the laser technology. 

About Regeneris Medical Boston - Headquartered in Westwood, MA, Regeneris Medical Boston is a regenerative medicine and cosmetic surgery practice established in 2008 and focused on preventative care utilizing regenerative technology. Regeneris provides wellness and antiaging medical protocols to patients. Services range from botox and fillers to non-invasive body contouring, laser treatments, or surgical solutions when indicated.  

About Ryan Welter, MD, Ph.D. - Dr. Welter is the CEO and medical director of Regeneris Medical. Dr. Welter obtained his doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biology from Oklahoma State University and his M.D. from the University of Oklahoma. He completed his residency at Brown University Medical School, where he served as a clinical associate professor until 2021. In 2005, Dr. Welter began a successful hair restoration practice and founded the New England Center for Hair Restoration. Finding success in cellular therapy for hair restoration, Dr. Welter began pursuing research into regenerative medicine and founded Regeneris Medical to bring regenerative medicine technologies to patients in New England. He performed the first ever stem cell therapy for hair loss in 2011 and continues to pioneer bio-cellular and stem cell therapies for a host of medical conditions.

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A patient of at Regeneris Boston receiving breakthrough regenerative hair restoration treatment using a Thulium Laser to deliver activated growth factors from her own platelets. She should expect improvements in hair growth quality in 6 weeks

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Thulium Laser PRP Therapy - Regeneris Boston