HydroMassage Announces National Availability of its Newest Recovery Chair, CryoLounge+

New chair combines cold and heat to targeted areas of the body for a convenient and accessible cryotherapy option for wellness & recovery

CLEARWATER, Fla., Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HydroMassage, the company known for developing water massage Beds and Lounges found in fitness centers, spas, physical therapy centers, and chiropractic offices, today announces the availability of the CryoLounge+, a new chair that provides an advanced recovery experience designed to be a smarter, more innovative solution to deliver the benefits of cold, heat, and compression.

CryoLounge+ solves a long-time problem many health and wellness businesses have faced when it comes to cryotherapy, which is practicality. The new chair eliminates the hassles often experienced with traditional cryotherapy options like ice baths and cold chambers. With these methods, designated areas and additional staff are required, members need to undress, and the intense cold temperatures can be unpleasant for some users. The CryoLounge+ is a simpler alternative that doesn’t require a large setup, additional staff, or an uncomfortable recovery session. Cold is applied to target soreness or minor aches and pains, while the user remains comfortable as a result of the heat applied in other areas of the body.

The CryoLounge+ also includes an optional Compression feature for a calf massage, an Auxiliary Pad to target cold and heat in hard-to-reach areas such as shoulders and knees, and a Contrast feature to switch the cold and heated areas towards the end of the session. 

“CryoLounge+ comes at a time when wellness and recovery have become a key part of healthy, active lifestyles,” HydroMassage Founder and CEO Paul Lunter said. “For decades, physical fitness meant a ‘no-pain, no gain’ approach, but now, there’s a much greater understanding about the importance of recovery. We designed CryoLounge+ in direct response to this demand, keeping in mind the user’s comfortability and business owner’s ease of use.”

With the rise in awareness for recovery and self-care, fitness and wellness businesses have a great opportunity to use tools like CryoLounge+ to showcase their commitment to wellness. Additional HydroMassage products include chairs that focus on relaxation and mindfulness, the latest to hit the market being RelaxSpace Wellness Pods. Owners that offer the CryoLounge+ as a Premium service can add an additional revenue stream to their business, similar to how HydroMassage Beds and Lounges are marketed.

HydroMassage is currently taking orders for the CryoLounge+. For more information or to purchase the CryoLounge+, please visit HydroMassage’s website. For additional information and images, you can visit this drobox.

About HydroMassage:
HydroMassage is a 30+ year manufacturer of industry-leading wellness & recovery products, best known for water massage Beds and Lounges found in fitness clubs, spas, physical therapy centers, and chiropractic offices. With the surge in awareness and demand for wellness, recovery, and self-care, the company recently introduced the WellnessSpace concept with two innovative new products: RelaxSpace Wellness Pods for mental wellness and CryoLounge+ chairs for cold, heat, and compression. All HydroMassage products are manufactured in the USA at the HydroMassage corporate headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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