True Scoops Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Take Over “The Maker’s Aisle” with New, DIY Premium Ice Cream Pint Mixes

Female-Founded, Black-led Innovative Ice Cream Company, Born Out of the Pandemic Seeks to Churn in $15K for its Next Scoop Made Ice Cream Maker-free, in Kitchens Across the US

BEVERLY, MA & BROOKLYN, NY, April 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- True Scoops, the innovative ice cream mix company helping consumers make homemade ice cream, announced today that it has launched its Kickstarter campaign to start production for the brand new DIY pints hitting shelves this summer. The $15K campaign will support the second chapter of the company that is known for producing ice cream mixes in the baking aisle – now known as “The Maker Aisle” – at grocery stores across America. 

“We want to deliver the joy of the hometown ice cream shop, in the kitchen of America’s homes and this Kickstarter will help us truly deliver that experience,” said Shelly Marshall, co-founder of True Scoops. “Cake and brownie mixes lead the Maker’s Aisle, and yet, let’s remember what goes best with cake and brownies: ice cream! When our customers stroll The Makers Aisle this summer, we are thrilled for them to pick up the new pint mixes and know that there is a new way to create that deliciousness.”

The Kickstarter campaign – found via this link – will support the new DIY ice cream pints hitting shelves in time for that first summer scoop. The packaging is more functional than ever, with each unit including a pint container holding all the ingredients including the pouch of ice cream mix – minus half & half – and is ready to store the delicious ice cream that True Scoops is known for. 

True Scoops will thank its Kickstarter campaign supporters with whimsical rewards, including a thank you note, and more: 

  • For a $10 donation, supporters will receive a digital recipe card. 
  • For a $25 donation, supporters will receive 1 free pint and 1 recipe card. 
  • For a $50 donation, supporters will receive 3 free pints and 3 recipe cards.  
  • For a $100 donation, supporters will receive 3 free pints, 3 recipe cards, special sprinkles and a limited edition ice cream scoop.
  • For a $250 donation, supporters will receive 6 free pints, 3 recipe cards, 2 special sprinkles, the limited edition ice cream scoop and a limited edition t-shirt. 
  • For a $500 donation, supporters will receive 12 free pints, 6 recipe cards, 4 special sprinkles, two limited edition ice cream scoops and 2 limited edition t-shirts.
  • And for $1K, corporate supporters will receive 300 pints at a discounted rate.

True Scoops is a “Pandemic Silver Lining Story,” which began churning after Shelly Marshall and Kelly Williamson met at Penn State University’s infamous Ice Cream Short Course. Shelly had the idea of an ice cream mix after realizing that the traditional way of making ice cream was just way too time consuming, difficult to make, and required specialty equipment. Her kids wanted ice cream during the pandemic/lockdown and she knew that they wouldn’t have the patience for her to make a batch. She thought having a shortcut style mix, like Betty Crocker, would be perfect. It would have to have a quick prep time, be fresh tasting, customizable, and not require an ice cream maker. Between her kids and running her other ice cream business she didn’t have the time to dedicate to seeing her formula over the finish line. She reached out to Kelly, who had been laid off from work, seeing if she could help. From there recipe testing turned into a partnership and True Scoops launched in July 2021. A business mentor and family friend was skeptical of the idea of a powdered mix to make ice cream, but when he tried the finished product he said “This is a TRUE scoop of ice cream, it’s delicious!” and that’s when the name True Scoops was solidified. 

“Ice cream is America’s most enjoyed dessert and with this Kickstarter campaign we’ll be able to provide that nostalgic feeling at home for all Americans,” said Kelly Williamson, co-founder of True Scoops. “We are thrilled to become a staple in The Makers Aisle and in homes across the Country.”

Support for and more information on True Scoops’ Kickstarter campaign, can be found by clicking here

More info about True Scoops can be found:

True Scoops is an innovative, premium ice cream mix company helping to bring the joy of making ice cream at home without the use of an ice cream maker. Founded by Shelly Marshall and Kelly Williamson who met at Penn State University’s Ice Cream Short Course, True Scoops can now be found in “the Makers Aisle” at grocery stores to help consumers mix up the perfect, true scoop of DIY ice cream. True Scoops’s line of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla bean and strawberry) and sauce mixes (hot fudge and salted butterscotch), are both shippable and have a naturally long shelf life thanks to simple, dry ingredients. All of True Scoops’ products are also gluten-free, egg-free, corn syrup-free and peanut-free. The company has successfully completed the SKU Accelerator program, and is a Black-led, women-owned business.

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True Scoops' new DIY ice cream pints slated to hit hit shelves in time for that first summer scoop. Shelly Marshall and Kelly Williamson, the two founders behind True Scoops, a “Pandemic Silver Lining Story/"