BLUEMOTH Introduces First-of-its-Kind Digital Prescription Hearing Technology Experience

The company offers a new destination for consumers to discover, try-on and purchase personalized hearing technology with audiologist support

SEATTLE, Aug. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BLUEMOTH, a pioneer in consumer-first hearing wellness, today announced the launch of a virtual destination that gives users the freedom to discover and shop for premium hearing technology, all from the convenience of home. The company is on a mission to make hearing wellness radically personal, empowering users to optimize their hearing through the power of choice and a selection of expert-curated, cutting-edge prescription hearing technology that seamlessly adapts to their unique lifestyle.

“Roughly 48 million adult Americans experience hearing loss and another 25 million report tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears that often feels debilitating,” said Dr. Melanie Hecker, BLUEMOTH’s Founder and CEO. “Despite the need for an approachable and easy way to explore and test hearing devices, the industry has remained stagnant for decades. I’m excited and honored to bring BLUEMOTH to the world, offering consumers a new path to hearing wellness through our convenient, prescription-based, online experience to help people live their lives to the fullest.”

BLUEMOTH’s model marks the first hearing wellness company to offer consumers multiple pairs of hearing technology to try-on from home and experience in their everyday life. The brand is reimagining a new way to shop for state-of-the-art hearing tech that’s personalized to meet each consumer’s specific hearing needs and preferences. Users simply upload their prescription online and, upon evaluation from an audiologist, BLUEMOTH sends three hearing devices customized with users’ exact prescription. The hearing wellness brand has partnered with select top manufacturers to offer a curated selection of leading technology that is included within each personalized try-on box including: Phonak, Signia and Widex. After the home trial, consumers make an informed purchase online, all with ongoing support from BLUEMOTH’s team of audiologists.

“Following years of work as an audiologist, I’ve seen first-hand the stigma associated with hearing devices and the emotional toll of a hearing loss diagnosis,” continued Hecker. “Due to this barrier, people are prevented from taking their hearing journey into their own hands to improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life. By way of BLUEMOTH, a younger generation of consumers, who are often overlooked, will have access to high-quality hearing technology that blends seamlessly with their connected life.”

BLUEMOTH’s experiential, at-home offerings include the Experience Box and Tinnitus Box that feature:

  • Audiologist selected, top-tier hearing technology: BLUEMOTH’s experts hand-selected the three most digitally-advanced hearing technology on the market. Each rechargeable pair incorporates AI and Bluetooth technology, all while being stylish, discrete and comfortable. Based on consumer preferences, BLUEMOTH sends three devices that match lifestyle and hearing needs.
  • 45-day home trial period: For a personalized experience, users can give each hearing device a trial run for up to 45 days to determine the best fit based on performance and lifestyle.
  • Telehealth audiology and customer service team: A virtual team of expert audiologists on hand to calibrate devices, answer questions, suggest modifications, and more.

To shop or learn more about BLUEMOTH, visit:

BLUEMOTH is the hearing wellness company that empowers consumers to take control of their health through the power of choice and a curated selection of cutting-edge prescription technology that seamlessly adapts to their lifestyle. BLUEMOTH is on a mission to make hearing wellness radically mainstream through its transparent model and personalized online shopping experience that gives consumers the freedom to try-on up to three different pairs of hearing aids in their daily life and receive support from expert audiologists, all from the convenience of home. A digital-first destination to discover premium, prescription hearing technology, BLUEMOTH offers a fun and convenient new path for consumers to achieve better hearing without ever missing a moment.

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