Moutai Paints the Boundless “MEI” of 2024 with the World!

NEW YORK , Feb. 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ding Xiongjun, Chairman of the Moutai Group, also secretary of the Party Committee of the Group raised during the Kweichow Moutai 2024 International Market Work Conference that “MEI” was not only the philosophy of Moutai’s development, but also the ideological expression, goal, and morphological pattern of Moutai’s marketing endeavor. At the beginning of 2024, Moutai has begun a new journey of pursuing the “boundless MEI”. It will strive for an even better year together with consumers around the world by actively practicing its value of “looking forward to MEI”.

MEI Moutai, MEI World

As a representative brand of Chinese Baijiu, Moutai stands out from the world’s liquor industry with its four competitive advantages, namely “unique protection of origin place, irreplicable microbiological environment, distinctive distilling techniques inherited for thousands of years, and long-term storage of high-quality base liquor” as well as competitiveness in “brand, quality, Gongfa (four traditional techniques of producing Moutai), environment, and culture”. Moutai has always stuck to the business philosophy, “quality is the soul of life”. It has established the concept of “five-artisan quality”, followed the “five-line development path”, carried out the “365 quality management system”, deeply integrated the ESG and sustainable development idea, and strived to build a living community of “mountain, water, forest, soil, river, and microorganism”. In 2023, Moutai ranked third in Kantar BrandZ’s Most Valuable Chinese Brands and won the 20th “China Quality Award”.

Moutai has always adhered to the road of internationalization. It has been conveying China’s voice to the world and doing all that it can to tell the Chinese story well. Up to now, Moutai has established relations with 106 international distributors and expanded its global reach to 64 countries and regions across the world.

With “The Global Expedition with Moutai MEI”, Moutai has developed a new pattern of internationalization. A new platform for international communication has been built via the T3 Dialogue. Moutai’s cultural connotations have been spread through “MEI Moutai, MEI World” brand cultural activities. In 2023, Moutai conducted various kinds of marketing campaigns together with its international distributors. The “MEI” of Moutai bloomed all over the world.

MEI Expression, MEI Innovation

Moutai is more than a bottle of liquor. It is also a symbol, inheritor, and teller of Chinese liquor culture. The Chinese character “PU”  tells about the 1,000-year liquor-making culture of Moutai. The Chinese character “MEI” reveals the philosophical connotations of Moutai as an enterprise. The pinyin “Gongfa” interprets Moutai’s distinctive distilling techniques that comply with nature for the world. The book, Ten Themes of Moutai Aesthetic, digs deeply into the “acme of liquor culture”, providing an in-depth interpretation of Moutai’s enterprise philosophy of “MEI”. During the process of internationalization, with “MEI” as the international expression of its “aesthetic”, Moutai is helping the world to “understand” it via Chinese characters. Serving as a window, Moutai is striving to let the world know about Chinese brands, learn about Chinese enterprises, and comprehensively understand China.

Innovation is the “source of vitality” for a brand. By means of novel forms of international communication activities such as “Moutai Day”, “Moutai Feast”, and “Moutai Gala Dinner”, Moutai has integrated Chinese liquor culture with cultures of different countries and constructed a brand cultural system that covers “Fine Liquor, Fine Life, Fine Connections”. It is steadily growing into a mega IP of Chinese Baijiu going global.

MEI Time, MEI Life

In 2023, by virtue of its excellent resource integration capabilities, Moutai held fast to the idea of “MEI Time, MEI Life”, actively advocated new lifestyles, and structured more diversified consumption scenarios. It wowed consumers’ taste buds with Moutai Ice Cream and Moutai Popsicle. “Moutai-flavored latte” and “Moutai-flavored chocolate” became trendy topics. MOJT “Taste of Guizhou” Cocktail Series sweetened the brands with a wider range of customers. Moutai is actively playing a leading role in the rejuvenation, diversification, and internationalization of Chinese Baijiu by continuously innovating “MEI” products and creating a “MEI Life” of higher quality in the “MEI Time”.


Moutai has been leading a “MEI” lifestyle while pursuing the shared “MEI” life. By practicing the “MEI” concept of life, Moutai is realizing the “MEI” value of life. Moutai has always been committed to meeting people’s demands for better lives by offering “MEI” products and “MEI” services. It is Moutai’s mission to provide people around the globe with more choices for happy lives.

Looking back into the past, Moutai was a vivid example of the internationalization of Chinese Baijiu brands with its distinctive distilling techniques and profound cultural accumulation. Looking forward to the future, Moutai is ushering Chinese Baijiu brands into a broader world market while keeping its focus on products and culture. Moutai will seize the new opportunity of globalization and in the meantime, explore new paths towards internationalization. With diversified new products, Moutai will infuse vitality to the overall internationalization of Chinese brands. It is firmly believed that China Moutai is bound to shine even more brightly in the future of sharing “MEI” with the world.

Moutai is going to launch a series of online marketing campaigns in the theme of “Colorful Spring Festival” on international social media platforms during the festival, in order to better present the world the brand’s aesthetic. Fans from all over the world are welcome to spend a jubilant Chinese New Year that brims with the Eastern aesthetic of color with Moutai by celebrating the festival in the traditional Chinese style, participating in fun games, and receiving exquisite gifts from Moutai.