Art is Everywhere: Discover Arts in Hong Kong this Spring

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TORONTO, Feb. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spring is an ideal season to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene of Hong Kong. The city offers a plethora of captivating arts experiences that will leave you inspired. From world-class art exhibitions to enchanting art installations, breathtaking artsy restaurants and bars, and unique hotel art experiences, art surrounds you at every corner.

Marvel at Remarkable Art Exhibitions and Enchanting Installations

  • Art Basel Hong Kong (March 28-30) - Showcasing more than 240 international galleries from 40 countries and territories. This edition is particularly noteworthy for its inclusion of 66 new exhibitors, enriching the diversity and depth of the presentation.
  • Art Central (March 28-31) - An extraordinary convergence of 95 galleries from Hong Kong, Asia, and beyond, showcasing the work of innovative artists who shape contemporary art.
  • Art@Harbour 2024 (March 25-June 2)- A large-scale outdoor art project on both sides of Victoria Harbour. Don’t miss out on the teamLab’s groundbreaking “Continuous” installation launched at Tamar Park and the Central and Western District Promenade, where hundreds of glowing egg-shaped structures come alive with ever-changing colours and sounds, interacting with viewers.
  • The 52nd Hong Kong Arts Festival (February 22-March 24) - With a lineup of more than 1,400 international and local artists and over 150 performances, this festival promises a cultural feast unparalleled in scope and diversity.
  • HKWALLS Festival 2024 (March 23-31) - Hong Kong’s biggest street art festival that brings together artists worldwide, transforming walls into mesmerizing visuals. This year's lineup features renowned artists such as Rabi from the USA, Aches from Ireland, and Bond Truluv from Germany, alongside talented Hong Kong artists including Lousy, Tom, and Siukins.

Indulge in Artsy Restaurants and Bars

  • The Butterfly Room - During the Art Basel Hong Kong week, the Butterfly Room offers a renowned art afternoon tea experience. Indulge in a masterful art pastry collection featuring a stunning selection of mini replica cakes inspired by iconic artworks from artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Banksy, Andy Warhol, Vladimir Kush, and Jackson Pollock.
  • The Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic - Designed by the Parisian studio Gilles et Boissier, it creates an elegant ambiance that complements the highly decorated French cuisine of renowned chef Anne-Sophie Pic. The design captures the spirit of Baccarat, exemplified by an entrance with a chandelier embodying the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.
  • Qura Bar - An intimate and decadent bar at Regent Hong Kong, boasts art deco, vintage accents, and stunning harbour views. With its collection of rare spirits and a cigar lounge, this is a cocktail den where you can while away the hours.

Stay in Inspiring Hotels with Unique Art Experiences

  • The Peninsula Hong Kong - Known as the 'Grande Dame of the Far East,' The Peninsula continues to set global hospitality standards. This iconic hotel recently announced the return of its acclaimed "Art in Resonance" program, celebrating contemporary art and cultural vibrancy. Explore newly commissioned artworks from visionaries Kingsley Ng and Lachlan Turczan, exhibited alongside masterpieces from The Peninsula's collection.
  • The Hari Hong Kong - Located in Wan Chai, The Hari Hong Kong exudes a relaxed and contemporary aura. Curated by London's Pontone Gallery, the hotel's art collection features graphic paintings, digital pieces, three-dimensional images, and captivating works by young Hong Kong artists, creating an immersive and inspiring artistic experience.

Experience the vibrant arts scene of Hong Kong this Spring, where art is everywhere, waiting to inspire and captivate you. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or simply curious about the arts, these art experiences offer an enriching cultural journey. Discover the cultural vibrancy that defines Hong Kong as a global hub of creativity and expression. For more information, please visit

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