Nokia brings scale and efficiency to the metro edge with new portfolio of application-optimized optical network solutions

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Nokia brings scale and efficiency to the metro edge with new portfolio of application-optimized optical network solutions

  • Investment in access along with growing demand for distributed cloud interconnect creates demand for much more optical capacity at the metro edge.
  • Portfolio additions include 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s and 800Gb/s pluggable coherent modules, a new compact optical transport platform and new cards optimized for metro edge applications.
  • New portfolio enables network operators to scale capacity with lower power per bit and support faster service speeds to the metro edge.

19 March, 2024
Espoo, Finland - Nokia is announcing a comprehensive set of new optical transport solutions optimized for metro edge deployments for CSP, webscale and Enterprise customers. These will efficiently address growing network capacity demand in metro access and edge, while supporting the delivery of new high-speed services with application-optimized, compact and integrated solutions.

The metro edge is the new frontier in optical networking with capacity drivers – including massive fiber rollouts to homes and businesses; 5G services and increased deployment of
x-PON systems – creating new bottlenecks. And, with applications like edge computing and analytics and AI/machine learning arriving all the time, further increases in bandwidth at the metro edge and in data center interconnection (DCI) speed and capacity are easy to predict. Now, Nokia is helping network operators scale bandwidth and support faster service speeds, with a range of new solutions all optimized for metro edge applications.

Nokia is expanding its portfolio by introducing:

  • New pluggable coherent optics to include 100Gb/s, 400Gb/s and 800Gb/s transceivers;
  • New 100G pluggable coherent transceivers to bring the performance of coherent optics to the metro edge into existing 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GE) ports;
  • An expansion of its sixth-generation Photonic Service Engine family with the PSE-6 Compact to power new 800Gb/s coherent transceivers. PSE-6c brings pluggability, scale and lower power per bit in industry-standard formats for 800ZR/ZR+ and OpenROADM applications;
  • A new 400G Multihaul transceiver with high optical launch power in QSFP-DD format to extend its current range of 400Gb/s pluggable coherent optics, providing a complete set of solutions for 400ZR/ZR+ applications.

Nokia’s pluggable coherent optics can be deployed across a wide range of platforms for optical transport, IP routing, and PON applications.

Extensions to the 1830 portfolio
Also assisting with scale to the network edge, Nokia is introducing new compact 1RU service management cards for its flagship 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) family of optical transport platforms. This extension includes:

  • A new universal packet switching card that supports 1GE to 100GE packet aggregation and Carrier Ethernet services;
  • A new OTN-on-a-blade card that supports 10Gb/s to 100Gb/s Ethernet, OTN and Fibre Channel multi-service aggregation and;
  • A new Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) with integrated optical amplification optimized for wavelength management at the metro edge.

These new service cards can be deployed in a new 1830 PSS-4II compact optical transport platform optimized for metro edge applications, which brings added scale, supports both DC and AC power options, and offers extended temperature range operation for outdoor deployments. The 1830 PSS-4II supports the broad range of cards available across the 1830 PSS family, enabling the common end-to-end operations, services, security and automation that network operators rely on elsewhere in their network.

Nick Vaes, Group Director Network Operations for Eurofiber, said: “As a leading digital infrastructure provider serving customers across Europe on our fiber-based network, we require solutions optimized for use in metro and access networks that bring our rich serving offerings directly to customers at the network edge. We are excited to see Nokia’s new ROADM and OTN offerings in the 1830 PSS family that provide flexgrid wavelength and service switching capabilities in a manner optimized for the metro edge.”

Lalit S Chowdhary, CTIO at Lightstorm, said: “Efficiently operating our network end-to end requires solutions optimized from core to edge. With the ever-increasing service demands to the network edge, and network growth in the metro driven by FTTx and data center interconnection (DCI) traffic, we need optical transport solutions optimized to deliver scale and sustainability into metro, access and edge applications. We are pleased to work with Nokia to evaluate the new PSS-4 II solution optimized for the metro edge, while expanding the feature-richness of the 1830 PSS family with new service interfaces.”

Jimmy Yu, Vice President at Dell’Oro Group, said: “With ever-increasing growth in service speeds and bandwidth originating from or terminating at the network edge, metro optical networks play a key role in supporting scalable, efficient and sustainable evolution for network operators. This can be achieved with better 100 Gbps and 800 Gbps coherent optics, providing lower power and pluggability for metro applications. This is matched with a WDM system that can leverage those features into a purpose-built solution for metro edge locations, with a richer feature set in a compact form needed to deliver multiple services in both telco and enterprise environments.”

James Watt, Head of Optical at Nokia, said: “Users of networks – whether consumers or businesses – are becoming ever more demanding in terms of the capacity, speed and quality of network services. This is a challenge for network operators and one which Nokia helps them conquer with our expansion of our market-leading optical network solutions for the core – such as C+L and PSE-6s – with the introduction of new solutions to bring more scale, performance and service versatility for the metro edge.”

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