Cabeau Debuts KneedThis, The Must Have Accessory to Upgrade Travel Comfort

KneedThis Is the Solution to Enduring Reclining Airplane Seats

LOS ANGELES, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global travel comfort brand Cabeau today announces the launch of KneedThis, the perfect travel companion for anyone who dreads the moment the airplane seat in front of them reclines.

Made of high-quality memory foam, KneedThis is a lightweight, comfortable knee pad cushion that relieves pressure and protects your knees during extended travel. The vegan leather cover is easy to clean and disinfect. KneedThis is cleverly designed to provide cushion while enabling travelers to store a water bottle, phone, and other travel accessories in close reach but out of the seatback pocket, often named the germiest spot on an airplane. This storage and comfort solution also features two carabiner clips to hold small bags or purses and keep them off the ground.

KneedThis quickly attaches to the seat back pocket using strong, reinforced clips for a simple and secure attachment. At the end of the flight, KneedThis easily folds into the small, included carrying case and attaches with a cordlock to your backpack or carryon to take on the go without using up precious space.

“We all know the struggle of having our knees smashed into the back of an airplane seat, feeling cramped and uncomfortable,” says David Sternlight, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cabeau. “KneedThis was created to provide travelers with the comfort, cushion and support they need to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore.”

The KneedThis is available for purchase for $29.99. To buy now and learn more, visit

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About Cabeau
Founded in 2010, Cabeau (pronounced kah-boh) arose from a 6’8” tall pro-basketball player’s passionate quest to find relief for the neck-straining, disruptive sleep he endured throughout his hectic travel schedule. David Sternlight tirelessly refined the ubiquitous U-shaped travel pillow to launch Cabeau’s technologically advanced and patented innovations that drove the company’s epochal success. Cabeau’s award-winning neck pillows, comfort products, and essential travel accessories are now featured in over 120 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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