JLab Introduces 2-in-1 OTC Hearing Aid and Earbud for Under $100

Hear OTC is the most affordable over-the-counter hearing aid in the market, enabling users to amplify sound, listen to music, and take calls in one discrete device

San Diego, CA, April 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, the award-winning designer of personal tech, JLab, introduced the Hear OTC Hearing Aid, a sleek 2-in-1 solution that merges hearing aid technology with Bluetooth connectivity. Designed to resemble an earbud rather than a hearing aid, touch controls enable users to seamlessly transition between hearing aid mode and earbud mode for listening to music or taking calls, while four preset hearing modes amplify sound for more engaging life experiences. The new Hear OTC Hearing Aid has an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours plus 40 hours with the portable charging case, and is available now in three different colorways, beige, cloud and graphite, for just $99 at jlab.com and Amazon.

Hearing loss is the third most common health condition in older adults. Yet over 80% of adults 50 and above with hearing loss do not wear hearing aids. High cost is among the biggest barriers to adoption, with some high-end hearing aids reaching over $10,000 and typical OTC options starting at $300. With the Hear OTC Hearing Aid, JLab is making hearing aids more accessible by delivering innovation and value at an affordable price.

“As we continue to expand into the hearing health category, we are thrilled to extend our commitment to exceptional innovation, and accessibility to over-the-counter hearing aids,” said Win Cramer, JLab CEO. “The world is changing and people that need help hearing shouldn’t be embarrassed. Similar to reading glasses, OTC hearing aids provide a cost effective entry point into the market – and most importantly, the don’t-look-like-your-grandparents hearing aids.  While they support people of any age, we wanted to ensure the product looked like an earbud with the benefits of hearing support. We’re super excited about our affordable solution to a growing problem.”

Balance Style and Functionality with Traditional Earbud Design

JLab recognizes the inherent challenges associated with hearing loss and wearing hearing aids. Thoughtfully crafted, the Hear OTC Hearing Aid resembles everyday earbuds so users can feel confident wearing them. A familiar fit ensures users can wear them with ease for extended periods of time without discomfort, and the package comes with six sets of earbud tips, including vented tips for natural hearing and reduced occlusion, to further ensure comfort. In-ear detection automatically activates or deactivates the hearing aid mode as needed, and built-in feedback suppression effectively removes unwanted noise for clearer and more pleasant listening experiences.

Maximize Capabilities with Dual Modes and Four Preset Hearing Modes

The Hear OTC Hearing Aid solution can be paired easily with a mobile phone for seamless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to enjoy music and take phone calls just like with regular earbuds. Users can seamlessly switch between “Hearing Aid Only” for enhanced hearing or “Hearing Aid + Bluetooth” mode for combined functionality.

Users can also select from four preset hearing modes – Loud Environment, Restaurant, Conversation, and Quiet Environment – to experience tailored sound enhancement based on their needs. Whether in a bustling street, crowded restaurant, engaged in conversation, or enjoying media alone, Hear OTC Hearing Aid offers options for every environment.

Customize Sound with Intuitive Touch Controls and JLab Hearing Health App

Independent volume control for left and right earbuds makes personalizing the listening experience with Hear OTC Hearing Aid simple. The hearing aids are compatible with the JLab Hearing Health App, enabling users to fully customize sound by selecting from hearing presets, customizing controls, ensuring safe hearing levels, and adjusting volume based on preference. Users can also switch between dual mode, preset modes, and control calls and media by using simple touch controls, with no app needed.

Availability & Price

Hear OTC Hearing Aid is now available in three different colorways, beige, cloud and graphite, at www.jlab.com and Amazon for $99. Purchase includes a two-year warranty, Class 2 OTC Hearing Aid (FDA Code QUG), USB-C charging case with integrated cable, three sets of closed tips for focused hearing and three sets of vented tips for natural hearing.

About JLab 

JLab imagines and delivers the personal technology products that consumers want. With our line of personal audio gear and office accessories, we’re innovating absolutely everything to make way better personal tech. Based in San Diego, we’ve been offering the right sound, the right features, and the right value since 2005. For more information, visit www.jlab.com.


Four Preset Hearing Modes in JLab Hearing Health App JLab Hear OTC Hearing Aids are also earbuds