2024 Software Intelligence Awards go to Marsh McLennan, Wells Fargo, Broadridge, and Accenture

NEW YORK and PARIS, May 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CAST, the software intelligence leader, has announced the winners of the 2024 Software Intelligence Awards, recognizing organizations trailblazing the use of software intelligence technology, such as CAST Highlight and CAST Imaging.

“These awards spotlight the achievements of IT organizations embracing the power of software intelligence to steer, de-risk, and accelerate strategic imperatives, such as cloud modernization, compliance, engineering efficiency, and sustainability,” said CAST founder and CEO Vincent Delaroche. “Their success is a testament to the pioneering spirit and technological prowess that define the software intelligence community.”

The winners in the four categories are:

Marsh McLennan – Software Health

Marsh McLennan has strategically consolidated its technology operations into a central and shared organization, aimed at enhancing the speed and efficiency of development, maintenance, and support for its hundreds of custom-built applications. In navigating the complex software landscape, identifying outdated components, and prioritizing areas for technical debt reduction posed near intractable challenges. Through the implementation of automated software intelligence gathering across the portfolio, the IT organization swiftly and tangibly enhanced the overall health of its own software, bolstering the agility and resilience of critical business processes.

“Being able to understand the health and technical debt of our whole portfolio of applications has been invaluable,” said Marsh McLennan Global CIO Paul Beswick. “It has allowed us to focus our efforts on the biggest blockers to our technology strategy and dramatically reduce the amount of obsolescence in our software estate.”

Wells Fargo – Cloud Maturity

Wells Fargo streamlined their approach to cloud migration by automating the analysis and planning for thousands of home-grown applications using software intelligence technology. That drastically cut planning time, offering insights into the cloud maturity of the software based on facts. Applications were automatically segmented into modernization paths like Refactor and Rebuild, with migration blockers identified, and remediation advice provided. Once on the cloud, software intelligence technology was used to pinpoint best-fit native services for optimizing cloud resource utilization. The result: a highly efficient, data-driven cloud adoption strategy, transforming Wells Fargo's software landscape.

Broadridge – Open Source Safety

Broadridge underwent a rapid transformation in managing its vast array of custom applications using tens of thousands of open-source software (OSS) components. Leveraging software intelligence technology to ‘shift up’ OSS risk control, they streamlined their processes, reducing approval times from days to minutes. Establishing a centralized open source risk ‘control tower’ provided comprehensive visibility into the intellectual property exposures and security vulnerabilities inherent to OSS, ensuring compliance with stringent audit requirements, without disrupting software development.

Accenture – Software Intelligence Innovation

Accenture’s use of software intelligence technology supported the intelligent automation of software delivery at scale. “This innovation helped to reshape knowledge transition, application modernization, and managed delivery processes,” said Accenture’s Global Technology Delivery Leader Aditi Kulkarni. “By integrating software intelligence into its digital transformation services, Accenture has accelerated application modernization for cloud environments and optimized software operations, resulting in improvements in cost efficiency and speed to market.”

About CAST

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