Tsingtao Beer Museum Selected as One of China's Top 100 Museums with Overseas Influence

QINGDAO, China, May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the 48th International Museum Day on May 18, the Art Exhibitions China and Oriental Outlook jointly released the national museum (exhibition) overseas influence assessment report in 2023. In this list of the top 100 museums, which includes the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China, the Tsingtao Beer Museum stands out as the only corporate brand museum.

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Tsingtao Beer, a globally renowned Chinese brand established 121 years ago and exported to 120 countries, is beloved by consumers worldwide. Located in the birthplace of Tsingtao Beer, the Tsingtao Beer Museum narrates the brand's history and embodies the essence of Tsingtao Beer culture. With a brand heritage that has endured over time, it stands as a timeless landmark and a city symbol deeply engraved in the public memory.

Visitor to the Tsingtao Beer Museum can do more than just drink beer - they can also indulge in beer-infused cuisine, accommodations, and activities. Delve into 121 years of history to experience the craftsmanship culture; savor various beer flavors for a taste of brand innovation; enjoy a creamy beer ice cream when tired, relish a rich beer yeast bread when hungry, sip on an inspiring fresh wine fruit tea when thirsty, and take home a creative beer culture souvenir before departing. This destination offers a fresh and dynamic one-stop beer experience for global consumers.

Among Chinese brands going global, Tsingtao Beer has served as a cultural ambassador by virtue of its excellent taste and continuous innovation.

Since 2019, research institutions such as the Art Exhibitions China, Oriental Outlook, and digital technology companies have supported the continuous release of the national museum (exhibition) overseas influence assessment report for four years in a row to conduct comprehensive evaluations of national first-tier museums, with over tens of millions of views in total.

Source: Tsingtao Beer Museum