TABOO Unveils Live Streaming, Confirms Second Mansion Event After Successful Marketplace Launch

London, UK, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TABOO, a trendsetting crypto-based adult entertainment company, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its revolutionary live-streaming feature. This exciting development follows the successful launch of TABOO’s innovative marketplace and sets the stage for an immersive, interactive experience that redefines digital adult entertainment.

Upcoming Live Streaming

TABOO’s live-streaming feature is set to launch soon, offering users an unprecedented level of engagement and interaction with their favorite supermodels. What sets TABOO apart is the quality of its supermodel partners, who are carefully selected for their allure, talent, and professionalism. Among these elite models are established Playboy and ex-Playboy stars such as Khloe Terae, CJ Sparxx, and Jeni Summers. These supermodels provide an elite experience that elevates TABOO above the competition, ensuring users have access to the most exclusive and captivating content available, with their partnered supermodels collectively possessing a loyal fan base in the tens of millions.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the live-streaming platform, being developed in collaboration with the brains behind the OnlyFans Live-Streaming elements, will provide high-quality, real-time content that caters to the diverse desires of the TABOO token community. This feature allows for personalized interactions, where users can tip models using native tokens, participate in live chats, and enjoy exclusive content tailored to their preferences.

Key Features of TABOO’s Live Streaming Platform:

1. Public and Private Rooms: Users can enter public streams with TABOO tokens or book private rooms for personalized, one-on-one interactions with TABOO’s supermodel partners.
2. Tiered Benefits: Higher-tier users (T1–T4) receive exclusive benefits, including enhanced private room experiences.
3.Tipping: Users can tip models using TABOO tokens, fostering a direct and rewarding connection.
4. Model Marketing Campaigns: Partnered supermodels with a collective following of over 30 million will promote the live streaming feature to their loyal Web 2.0 fanbase, driving adoption and use of TABOO platforms.

Successful Marketplace Launch:

The recent launch of TABOO’s marketplace marks a significant milestone in the platform’s evolution. The marketplace offers a seamless user experience with a revamped UI/UX, fiat-to-crypto on-ramp solutions, and a wide range of content and merchandise. Users can now easily make a wallet, purchase TABOO tokens, and soon chat, stream and form deeper connections with their favorite models on the TABOO Marketplace. This paves a pathway to the mass adoption of its native token TABOO. 

The platform is built on a gated content distribution model, incorporating live streaming, VR, NFTs, a merchandise store, in-person events, fiat on-ramp solutions, and gamification concepts. This comprehensive ecosystem provides unparalleled quality and exclusivity to users and content creators alike. While TABOO is a content-gated media and streaming platform, it equally has a live entertainment branch to its business that sets it apart for its loyal holder base.

Confirmation of TABOO’s 2nd Mansion Event

Building on the success of the first mansion event in 2022, TABOO is excited to confirm its second exclusive mansion event for top-tier holders. Scheduled for later this year, this fully expensed event will offer VIP participants the opportunity to engage with supermodels, network with like-minded individuals, and experience the luxury and exclusivity that TABOO is known for. The first mansion event was a spectacular success, featuring celebrity chefs, DJs, and unique entertainment that left attendees with unforgettable, life-changing memories.

To become a Tier 4 holder, one must hold a minimum of $10,000 in TABOO tokens. Tier 4 holders enjoy the most exclusive access, benefits, and features within the TABOO ecosystem. Benefits include invitations to live mansion parties, access to exclusive areas in the marketplace, significant discounts across the upcoming merch store, yearly calendars, TABOO’s magazine, limited edition merchandise drops, and thrilling experiences within the forthcoming TABOO Metaverse in creation. With the growing demand for TABOO, now is the ideal time to become a Tier 4 holder.

Innovation and Mass Adoption of TABOO
TABOO continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in adult entertainment. The integration of AI-driven model companions, the development of TABOOChain, and the expansion into VR, AR and metaverse experiences are just a few examples of how TABOO is leading and pioneering the industry.

Expressing full dedication to its chief causes, TABOO is committing to a 7-figure global marketing campaign to support the live streaming feature's launch. This campaign will include large-scale supermodel marketing initiatives and comprehensive brand awareness-building campaigns. The goal is to drive mass adoption of $TABOO, leveraging the platform’s existing loyal fan base and the strategic Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 onboarding utility tools that are now in place.

About TABOO:

TABOO is an adult entertainment platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide a secure, anonymous, and immersive experience. The platform features a unique four-tier system, exclusive content collections, live streaming, VR, NFTs, and more. TABOO’s mission is to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry by offering unparalleled quality and exclusivity.

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